How to clean the bloatware from Windows 10

Windows 10

Unwanted junkware on your PC can be a serious hassle.

Besides slowing down your PC, they can also be slightly malicious with constant pop-ups and trial versions.

You can remove each piece of bloatware through the Control Panel, or alternatively you should check out Microsoft’s Refresh Windows Tool.

Using this tool installs a clean copy of the most recent version of Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro, and remove apps that you installed or came pre-installed on your PC.

That means you’ll have the option to keep your personal files but will have to re-download or install 3rd-party applications (like Steam) again.

To access the Refresh Windows tool, navigate to the Start button > Settings > Update & security.

From there click on the setting in the left pane for Recovery > More recovery options > Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows.

From there you can run the installer – just makes sure that you have backups and/or the correct privileges to reinstall the programs you need.

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How to clean the bloatware from Windows 10

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