Save money this gaming season and play these games instead

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I enjoy a new game as much as the next person, but sometimes it is hard to invest so much money in new and expensive games.

With soaring gaming prices in SA, the only thing I can suggest to you is that you save your money and maybe invest in some of the cheaper games on the market.

Here are some great games that you should look into getting to keep you busy and your bank account happy.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – GOTY

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the greatest RPGs to ever grace the world, and thankfully the Game of the Year Edition has just released, which contains all the expansions for the game as well as the latest update that improves the UI.

The Game of the Year Edition costs half the price of a new game nowadays, making it the best buy when looking at something to keep you busy.

You can just load up the game, go offline, and pretend your friends aren’t playing any of the latest games at all.

The Elder Scrolls Online

What better way to keep you busy than to spend hundreds of hours in an epic RPG? The Elder Scrolls Online just received its biggest update to date, its One Tamriel update.

This update has removed the barriers preventing players from exploring the world of Tamriel due to Alliance and level barriers. This means that you can jump into the game day one, and go anywhere your heart desires, do anything you want, and with whoever you want to.

Dragon Quest Builders

Minecraft meets Dragon Quest meets survival RPG in Dragon Quest Builders. The game is one of the best creation games I have ever played, as it features more direction and purpose than Minecraft.

You will see yourself spending hundreds of hours in the main campaign, building towns, looking after your people, cooking typical Dragon Quest food, and exploring the vast lands around you for new materials to use too further improve your town.

The best thing about this game is that it comes in at under R500, making it half the price of any new release.

Duke Nukem: 20th Anniversary World Tour

One of our all-time favorite heroes is back in a brand new collection of the classic Duke Nukem 3D. The 20th Anniversary World Tour edition is as packed with content as the title is long.

You will be able to play through the classic Duke Nukem 3D, which has been remastered to look better than ever while still retaining that classic look and feel.

The package also come with all four original chapters, as well as a brand new one that sees you travel to different locations around the world to kill new aliens.

For R299, you cannot go wrong with this game, it is really a great little package with so much nostalgia.

Bioshock: The Collection

Why buy one game when you can buy three for the price of one?

Bioshock: The Collection comes with all three Bioshock games, remastered in full 1080p 60fps.

The collection includes all DLC, along with some great commentary on the development process of the game.

Return to Rapture and Columbia as you venture through the cities built by madmen.

The collection is definitely one of the best you can buy at the moment, as all the games look and feel great while playing them, with no in-game purchases or anything of the sort.

Resident Evil 4|5|6

If you love shooting undead zombies and other crazy creatures in the head and want to do it on a budget, then the Resident Evil games are just what you need.

Recently, Capcom re-released all three games on current gen consoles, all under R300.

This means that you can relive the adventure with Chris Redfield and Shiva, or head into the crazed village in Spain to try save the president’s daughter from an insane cult.

You can also grab RE6 if you enjoyed it when it released, but I doubt that, as compared to the other Resident Evil games around, it should be considered last.

Nintendo Selects

Nintendo have always be able to stay away from expensive in-game purchases and overpriced DLC.

I know that if I want to get away from the rush of the hype train, I just play some Nintendo titles.

If you own any Nintendo hardware, then the Nintendo Select range would be the best bet when purchasing some new games. The range is extremely affordable, at under R350 for Wii U games and 3DS titles.

Nintendo only has the best titles available on the Nintendo Select range, so you will never be disappointed by your purchase.

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Save money this gaming season and play these games instead

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