Uplink, Darwinia released on Ubuntu Software Centre

Introversion Software, indie developer of hits Darwinia and Uplink, have now launched the aforementioned titles on the Ubuntu Software Centre. The titles are currently selling for US$10 each.

By way of anecdotal explanation, Introversions Mark Morris said the following: “We’re pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Canonical and have launched Darwinia and Uplink on the Ubuntu Software Center.”

“I remember the days when Linux was a horrible alternative to Windows (and apple were nowhere to be seen), but things have come a very long way since then. I recently installed Ubuntu on a machine, burnt a disk and turned on Treme, because I knew that OS Installs take hours with occasional input to tell it where in the world it is and what sort of Keyboard you use,” he continued.

“Anyway, 20 mins later and we’re fully up and running and the interface looked sexy. I’m really hoping to re-kindle our relationship with Linux users as I’ve always believed that Uplink has to be the *perfect* game for Linux fans, and if we get enough takers we may even release Subversion for Linux on launch day (Chris’ll kill me for promising that)!” he concludes.

Darwinia and Uplink have previously been available for the Linux platform via Introversion’s own web store, but for US$15 each.

Hopefully a bundle pack of the two games will soon appear to match that which can be found on Steam for US$15.

Regardless, the arrival of these two classic titles at a reasonable price should please Ubuntu gamers.

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Uplink, Darwinia released on Ubuntu Software Centre