More big changes coming to Overwatch Competitive Play


Blizzard has revealed some big changes coming to Competitive Play, along with the launch date of Season 3 of its competitive game mode.

In an announcement on the Blizzard forums, Principal Designer Scott Mercer outlined the various changes to Competitive Play, included shortened downtime, a new skill rating system, and tier distribution changes.

Mercer stated that the downtime between competitive seasons would be shortened to just a week, with Season 2 ending on 24 November and Season 3 starting on 1 December.

There are also some fairly major changes coming to the Skill Rating and matchmaking systems, with players now keeping their old SR to use as a starting point for the next season’s rating.

Mercer said that Blizzard is testing new systems for placing players into skill tiers and experimenting with “tuned-down” skill ratings on the Public Test Region.

“We’ll be looking closely at the results of players’ placement on PTR and see if our goals are being met, and might make further adjustments during this testing cycle that might require a reset of placement matches,” said Mercer.

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More big changes coming to Overwatch Competitive Play

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