Steam Wallet Codes launched in South Africa

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eGifts24 has been appointed as the first official distributor of Steam Wallet Codes in South Africa, the company has told MyGaming.

“It took a number of months of discussions with Valve to understand how best to implement this, and we hope to grow the brand locally going forward,” eGifts24 said.

As a distributor of Steam Wallet Codes, eGifts24 said it will not only oversee the distribution and sale of Steam Wallet Codes in South Africa, but also find retail partners, handle marketing, and ensure compliance in how the product is represented locally.

For now wallet codes are only distributed digitally, but eGifts24 said it is looking to work with specific retail partners to provide “PIN-on-receipt” type offerings in the near-future.

Steam Wallet Codes are available in the following denominations at launch:

  • R80
  • R150
  • R250
  • R500
  • R800

Those already using will be able to buy Steam Wallet Codes there, as the two stores are operated by the same company: eGifts Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Explaining the relationship between the two sites, eGifts24 said that PrepaidGamer is focused on gaming products.

eGifts24 is a general digital gifting platform that they are expanding to include a wide range of retailers and brands, not just gaming.

“Our lead consumer-focused platform is eGifts24, and we will be expanding it to include bulk-purchasing for corporates and retail partners,” eGifts24 said.

“Both eGifts24 and stock Steam Wallet Codes, and we will be confirming more retail partners in the coming weeks.”

Steam Wallet Code R150

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Steam Wallet Codes launched in South Africa

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