Here are the worst gaming moments of 2016

No Man's SKy

While 2016 had some great moments, some things just did not go as well as we hoped.

Let us take a look at the worst of 2016 in gaming.

The Division dies quickly

One of the most anticipated games of 2016 is probably one of the most forgettable ones too. The Division released back in March and it was supposed to be the third person shooter that would rival MMOs like Destiny and Elder Scrolls Online.

Although the game was a success at launch, it was not long before players abandoned the game altogether.

Players completed the main game, but thanks to the limited Dark Zone features that were locked behind level restrictions, and the grind for rare loot, they then left the game and never returned.

Ubisoft have been working hard on patches throughout the year and tweaking various item drop rates and other balance changes, but many of the players who left the game originally have not gone back. Server populations are just a fraction of what it used to be during the first few weeks of launch.

The Division

Disney Infinity ends

A series that had huge potential to grow due to the virtually unlimited Disney worlds to expand on, will not be doing any growing in 2017. Disney pulled the plug on the toy video game series in 2016 without providing any clear reasons.

After the huge success of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, multiple Marvel toys, and even new Pixar chapters released in early 2016, we could not have seen this coming. Why did Disney shut this down after three years of apparent success? (Maybe it was not as successful as we thought.)

Regardless of the reasons, it still sucks to have been that gamer that has thousands of rands of toys and merchandise from the series, without a game to play them on in future.

Disney Infinity 3.0

Nintendo loses track

Although 2017 could be Nintendo’s year with the upcoming Nintendo Switch, 2016 was a complete disaster for the company. [Unless you count the reflected success it saw from Pokémon GO, of course. -Ed]

Starting off with the Wii U, which saw next to no releases in 2016 other than a handful of indie games — further proof that the console was dead in the water.

We then have the 3DS which, although it was the better half of the Wii U, still left gamers questioning owning one. The “new” 3DS saw no new games make use of the second analogue nub and faster processor, and other than the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the 3DS game library was bland overall.



No Man’s Sky fails to launch

When you think of 2016, the biggest disappointment that comes to mind is the No Man’s Sky disaster. After years of hype, so many gamers could not wait to get their hands on the intergalactic adventure game and explore its beautiful planets.

Sadly, the game was a mess with empty planets, hideous alien creatures, no space battles, no multiplayer, and basically the complete opposite of what every trailer showcased.

Gamers around the world were enraged with the game’s poor delivery which then even led to lawsuits and advertising complaints.

Although Hello Games are working on improving the game with new Foundation Updates, it is difficult to imagine it will ever fix the damage that has been done. [Hey, speak for yourself! I loved No Man’s Sky -Ed]

No Man's Sky flying fish

Lionhead shuts down

Microsoft’s shutdown of its first-party studio, Lionhead, came unexpectedly. Even Lionhead’s employees did not see the closure coming at all.

The studio was hard at work on the upcoming Fable Legends, a free to play game built from the ground up. It was in closed beta at the time and it was pretty cool. Although there was no clear release date for the game, gamers had high hopes for it.

Lionhead Studios had some great games under their belt like Fable II, and Black and White, and it was a sad day when the studio closed its doors.

Pokémon GO still a hot mess

It took months for developer Niantic to sort out the overloaded servers, poor spawn zones, and broken capture rates of Pokémon GO. Although those issues are a thing of the past, the mobile Pokémon game has yet to reach its full potential.

Only a measly three new second-generation Pokémon have been released, and in the worst way possible — through a chance of egg hatching. No legendary birds have been released, Mewtwo is still a mystery, and the Master Ball is nowhere to be seen.

It wouldn’t be a problem if players knew that a steady stream of new Pokémon GO content was coming their way, but Niantic’s approached has left many players frustrated.

Mighty No.9’s Flop

After months of hype and thousands of dollars in Kickstarter funds, Mighty No.9 released to the public and did not do that well. Critics hated it for its poor execution, terrible platforming, and shoddy voice over work. The game is sitting on a measly 52 at Metacritic.

Overall the game just failed to satisfy the Megaman craving we so longed for, and in the end became one of the worst games of 2016.

Street Fighter V Releases as an Expensive Beta

We were pretty short of fighting games in 2016 and those we did get were just terrible at launch. One of these was the infamous Street Fighter V that released with 30% of the game’s promised features.

No story mode, no tutorial, and you couldn’t even just fight the AI if you wanted to. For a game that released at full retail price of R899, the features were desperately lacking. We can understand no story mode, but to have no single player experience other than a 5-fight episodic mode per character was poor.

Street Fighter V is diong much better today with a story mode, polished online mode, and a new range of fighters, but those who played the game in the first month may not have returned.

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Here are the worst gaming moments of 2016

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