Video game features we wish existed in real life

Super Mario Running

We love escaping to our video game worlds to experience the unreal. Most of these games all feature mechanics that, although impossible, would be cool if they would exist in real life.

Imagine being able to get around faster than the speed of light, or even being able to store everything you need for a braai when heading out of the house.

Here are some video game features we wish were real, for obvious reasons.


In reality, getting somewhere is always the worst part of the trip. Getting to work, or even going out to the movies, requires a set amount of time and effort to travel. We always need to make sure we leave at a set time before our meetings to make sure we can get there on time.

In a video game it is the complete opposite, as the fast travel system lets us get to and from our destinations almost instantly. Sometimes we need to go to a safe house to travel, and a few games let us do it on the fly by just heading into our world map.

Then we have games like Mafia III that decided to leave out fast travel completely. This means that you will have to get into your 1960s car, and drive around the game. Good luck with that as cars were not very fast back then, so travelling takes a while.

Still, if we could bypass traffic, and people in general to get to our destination, the world would be a much better place.

Fast Travel

Goodbye clutter

As someone who carries a man-bag wherever I go, I even take that for granted. Inventory systems have been a staple in gaming since the 80s, and the feature has not really gone anywhere.

The inventory system is still pretty basic, as it lets you store items and equipment in bag, chest, pocket, and even sometimes a digital gauntlet on your arm.

Imagine having a bottomless bag to put all your stuff into when you are headed off to a LAN, or a infinitely-spaced pocket that you just keep piling all your household items into.

You just walk up to a cupboard in your house, and transfer the groceries you just bought from the shop to the storage location without even carrying anything in your hands.

Bottomless Bag

Fit without being fit

Every athlete in the world wishes they could have the stamina of a video game character. To be able to sprint at top speed for 30 seconds, and then take a break for 5 seconds before doing it all again, that would be a dream come true.

Sprinting in gaming is one of the most vital mechanics, as it could often mean the difference between life and death, as well as saves so much time getting around. Most open world games have collectibles and hidden areas to explore, of which no one will attempt to do if they could not get to and from a little faster.

Then we have games that have no sprinting at all, games like Bioshock, and Uncharted. These games do not have any sprinting option at all, but somehow it works for the overall gameplay experience. The lack of sprint lets you focus more on the surroundings, while nor rushing through areas at haste.

While that is all good, being able to sprint in real life requires a great amount of training and fitness. Now if the gaming version of sprinting was real, then we would be able to sprint without ever hitting the gym.

You don’t see Mario ever worrying about sprinting, and he is not exactly on the slim side.


Automatic and fast healing

Although in real life health rejuvenation is an actual thing, in gaming its effects are accelerated.

If you think about it, our bodies automatically heal us, and recover from injuries and strain. When we work out our muscles ache, but they slowly get better over time.

In gaming, this effect applies for everything in theory. We get shot and the bullet magically gets removed from our body and our arteries automatically seal themselves off again.

When we get stabbed, we just pull the sword out, use a potion and we are healed.

This would mean the end of disease, flu, and even physical injuries. No more doctors, rather people handing out potions.

No more expensive medical aid, just a good sit on the couch after eating a Green Herb (not that kind), and your flu will be gone in minutes.

Green Herb

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Video game features we wish existed in real life

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