5 Games best played on PC

Let’s be honest here, PC gamers often get the short end of the stick when it comes to some releases.

Poor console ports never fully utilize the power of a PC. Sure you can boost that resolution to 4K, but what good does that do if you don’t have a 4K TV or monitor to play it on?

Where the PC does reign supreme, is in the finer details of games. Console owners cannot get the cool PhysX effects that PC gets, as well as mods.

Hey, they are even games that are best played on PC because they are so hardware intense, that a PC even battles to handle it. What are these games you ask? Here they are.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark is probably one of the best survival games you can find, and best play it on PC. The game’s engine is extremely powerful, and it needs some pretty hefty hardware to run, of which cannot be found on console.

Both the Xbox One and PS4 version run the game at a 720 resolution, with the PS4 Pro at 1080p.

A PC has the power to really max out this in the best way possible, and it looks fantastic on it. It is also a game with heavy mod support, of which is not found on the console versions.

The latest, and probably greatest mod of all time must be the new Pokemon Evolved mod that replaced the dinosaurs with our favorite Pokemon.

Fly around with Pigeot, club a Squirtle to death, and tame a Charizard. Yes, the sweet sound of a Squirtle dying is only available on PC.


Even though Bethesda recently brought back Skyrim to consoles with mod support, nothing beats the original game packed with mods. Sure the consoles having mod support is cool, but they are so limited to what you can install on them due to the closed software of the console itself.

Playing a PC is the complete opposite as you can get mods that will make the game look like a next-gen masterpiece.

When I say “next-gen”, I mean mods that are so visually captivating, that they turn the game into something we have never seen before. A powerful PC is the best place to play Skyrim.


Sure Minecraft is probably the worst looking game on this list, but wait, you can also mod the living daylights out of the game and make it look like something worth playing. Not only do the visual mods add layers of effects to the game, there are also mods that add features to it too.

Blood magic, advanced crafting, and new objects and tools can be modded into the game. This totally beats the simple skin packs that you can get on the console version by a landslide. The server and game features on the PC also outweigh that of the mobile and console versions in various ways. The game is just a better, fuller experience on PC, and makes one of the best games on PC.


One thing we cannot argue with is that the ID Tech 6 Engine is one of the best ever built. Its uncompressed textures, visual effects, and sheer power behind the engine, makes it a force to be reckon with.

Sure DOOM looks fantastic on consoles, but the game’s true potential really shines when you put it to the test on PC. 4K at 60fps might be near impossible without a powerhouse PC, but even 30fps at 4K is a sight to behold.

The game really shines on PC, and is one of the best looking games around, if you can appreciate all the beauty in blood and gore, and hellish monsters born from the burning flames of Hell. If you own a PC, this is a game you need to have.

Diablo III

Diablo III is a strange case in this regard as it feels like a complete different game on PC compared to console. When playing on console, the game is more arcade-like with skill mapped to each button of the controller, it is easier and faster to play the game. I also has a great couch co-op mode with up to 4-players. Sounds like fun right? While it is, Diablo III on PC is much better.

There are various things on PC that make Diablo III a much better game. Seasons, a timed event that sees you play the game to a certain point to unlock specific pets and gear, is not available on console at all.

This is probably the best feature of Diablo, as it adds unique pets to your account that you will own forever. There are also cool armor sets that you can obtain during these events, as well as player emblems. The PC version of Diablo III has much more support from Blizzard than the console version, making this version the top choice.

What games would you only play on PC given the ease of use of the console? Let us know in the comments and forum. 

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5 Games best played on PC

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