The most iconic video game bugs of recent years

Game Bugs

As much as developers try their hardest to make sure that their pride and joy is flawless, sometimes bugs crawl into games without anyone noticing.

These bugs are then made public by the online community, and some are bigger than others.

Here are some of the most iconic video game bugs of recent years, and why they were so popular.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Face Bug

Assassin’s Creed Unity was full of bugs and glitches, so much so that Ubisoft took weeks to fix the game, and even offered free DLC to players to say sorry.

One of the most iconic glitches in the game, of which you have all probably seen before, is the broken face bug that sees Arno’s face distort out of proportion, leaving him with just his eyes and his jaw in place. It was something out of a horror game when we first saw it. This model character with hair, no face and just eyes and teeth.

It got worse however as more characters suffered from this bugs, and looked like porcelain dolls that were exposed to fire. It did not end there though, as even in the latest remastered Ezio Trilogy, the face bug returned in the opening sequence where a character looked rather weird. This was quickly patched to avoid further embarrassment.

Assassin's Creed


Pokemon X and Y Save Bug

Nintendo have always tried their hardest to make sure their products are as polished as can be, and often we never experience bugs in any Nintendo games. With that being said, in 2013 there was a bug of biblical proportions in Pokemon X and Y.

Our worst nightmares came true when it appeared that we could have lost all our progress in our games due to a save deletion bug if we saved our game in a certain area in the game. Not only was this concerning, it was even worse due to the fact that the save bug occurred in the biggest, most visited city in the game, Lumiose City.

Nintendo was quick to patch the game in a mere few days, but those who relied on Nintendo’s great programming, and never updated the game, could be faced with no Pokemon today.


GTA V Rocket Swing

While GTA V had one of the best open world experiences in gaming, it was also plagued with a couple of bugs, one of the most iconic ones was the swing that sent players flying into the air like rockets.

This bug was probably tested by all GTA V players, as it was really fun to experience. In a small upper-class neighborhood, there was an automatic motor gate that would open and close. If you rammed the gate while it was closing, some sort of object detection would kick in and the gate would send you flying into the air.

It was very fun to say the least, and I remember spending a few hours there while perfecting the highest launch in the game. You were dropped from the sky and your car often exploded, but it was the price you paid.


Pokemon Red and Blue MissingNo

This is one of the oldest, yet mysterious bugs in gaming. Legend says that there is a Pokemon out there that was destroyed by the game itself, and you can find it in the older games.

This pixellated creature that you rarely came across in the game, not only freaked players out, but it also had its own game-breaking qualities to it. When you encountered it, your sixth item in your inventory would be magically multiplied.

Imagine now if you had Rare Candies, or worse, Master Balls as your sixth item. There goes your game and any chance of it being remotely rewarding. Was MissingNo an intentional programming error, or something that manifested in the game? We will never know.


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s Rapture Boat

We all know the story of the Rapture. One day the sky will open and those holy enough will float up to the pearly gates. Well Ubisoft took this a bit too far in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag with their own holy iteration of the event.

In the game a rare glitch occurred that saw the boat sink to the bottom of the ocean, and then float up back up as the crew members slowly drifted to the skies above. It was a breathtaking experience really, and all it needed was a hymn overlayed on the clip to really push it over the top. Luckily we have YouTube for that.

Do you recall any iconic game bugs? Let us know in the comments and forum

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The most iconic video game bugs of recent years

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