7 of the worst video game endings of all time

Mass Effect 3

With Mass Effect Andromeda ‘s release headed our way, one cannot forget the controversy that Bioware caused with Mass Effect 3, mainly due to its poor ending.

This got me thinking, what other games have just failed to leave a lasting mark once the battle was done and the credits rolled?

Sure, we all understand that wrapping up a game’s story cannot be easy, but these games made us feel that the developers were not even trying.

Take a look at 10 of the worst video game ending of all time:

Warning: Possible end game content follows. Proceed at your own risk

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 was a great game, but when it came to the ending of it, it fell flat on its face. Everything the player did throughout the series, being from the original game right up to the ending of Mass Effect 3, was all for nothing.

Come the time to make the final decision in Mass Effect 3, it all resulted in the same outcome, and fans went crazy.

Mass Effect has always been built on the foundation of player choice, and when the ending of all endings meant that no matter how hard you worked, it was all for nothing, this was expected.

Bioware was faced with extreme backlash from the gaming community, and they had to work on a free update to change the ending. Although it is fixed today, it still goes down as an utterly horrendous video game ending.

Assassin’s Creed 3

While Assassin’s Creed’s main focus is on the historical setting of the game, Ubisoft tried very hard to focus on the story of Desmond Miles, and the modern day Abstergo Corporation. Sure this sounds like a simple task, but after so many entries into the series, each touching on a new chapter in the Desmond Miles saga, things got a bit out of hand.

We expected it to one day lead into a modern Assassin’s Creed game, as the expectations, and story of the present day assassin’s began to unfold in front of us. This was until Assassin’s Creed III came along and smashed it all into pieces, along with our hopes and dreams for the series.

The ending not only confused many players, but it also suffered the same fate as Mass Effect 3. Meaning that everything you did up to now, and all the story you followed with Desmond, was for nothing as he sacrificed himself to save the world. Cheesy does not come close to the cliche tie up players had to endure, and luckily since then Ubisoft have shifted their focus off the present day story.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII was in development for more than 10 years, and when it arrived it was a great game, and even its ending was perfect, as it tied up the loose ends and everyone was happy. We then had the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2, that all of a sudden changed everything we thought we knew about the original, and confused everyone.

While the game was great, the ending on the other hand created more chaos in the story line, than anything we had ever seen before. Once Noel and Sarah killed Caus, the goddess died, which then unleashed the power of Valhalla adn destroyed the world. The last thing we see before the “to be continued sign” is Lighting, sitting on a throne.

Where did she come from, and what happened to Sarah was never truly answered, even in the sequel, Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, it become a very hard story to follow. Square Enix should have just left the game where the team survived defying the mark of the L’cie.

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 was like playing through a magnificent set of cutscenes, no really, that is how amazing the game looked. However this all came at a cost, a very short and sweet adventure.

While the game’s character development remained one of the best highlights, it all fell short near the end when the game just suddenly ended.

It was like watching an awesome TV series that gets cancelled before the next season arrived. So many unanswered questions, and the feeling that there should have been more, much more in The Order’s case.

To make matters worse, after the credits rolled, there was a small snippet of the possible future of the story, but this just felt like it should have led into a new chapter in the game.

The lack of a decent boss fight, and the anti-climax that followed, made The Order: 1886 just one of those game you forget.


After spending the entire game searching for this infamous vault, everything up to now has been a constant gun fight for it, you now discover that it was all a waste, and the vault is just a cage for a giant squid. That is the ending of Borderlands in a nut shell.

2K Games tried very hard to fix it with the sequel, and even better with the Pre-Sequel, but after the awesome experience playing the original game, it was a complete let down to have to put up with the ending. The boss fight was somewhat enjoyable, but then again we had Crawmerax the Invincible which was the secret boss fight, and it was so much better.

We hope that Borderlands 3 comes along and fixes all the disastrous plot holes.

Fable 2

Games that rely on player choice have always been heavily focused on, but doing it right can be a challenge for developers. Take Mass Effect 3 for example, great decision making that affects the game’s story and character growth. Fable 2 on the other hand had an ending that felt a bit dull.

After building your character throughout the game, and making some great decisions that changed the story, the ending left players questioning why they wasted time doing it in the first place. The player was offered three choices, to bring back the ones you love, wealth, and to bring back all the people who died while building the Spire.

Out of all three of these, every one of them fell flat. By the end of the game you had so much money that you did not need wealth. The sacrifice ending would leave you unable to go back into the game, so the only choice was to revive your dog. Pretty cool right? Well not really as it just meant you would go back to the game as nothing ever happened.

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight will go down as one of the best games of all time in my book, but that ending however, well that is another story completely.

When you finally track down Scarecrow, the game offers no epic boss fight at all. Just a an awesome series of cinematics that shows Batman fighting his inner demon, the Joker. After it all it comes out that Batman planned his own death, in order to escape the world of crime fighting and heal after the last battle.

The issue here is that one ending, the ultimate ending according to Rock Steady, is hidden behind a series of tedious tasks. In order to unlock it you have to finish the game’s side missions, and these include finding every single Riddler trophy, and dealing with every optional villain.

Yes, the ending is much further away than the end of the game, and chances are you will give up after a while and google it.

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  • Lupus

    Fallout 4, all of that for well you destroyed the institute or whatever no one cares, could you go and empty this raider camp for us? That’d be great

  • BeoTeK

    Surprised The Last of Us didn’t make this list considering the controversy that surrounds that ending, though I thought it was perfect.

  • 3 Was worse.

  • Hraffnir

    Disagree about Mass Effect. There’s more to the game than that.
    Will solidly remain one of my favourite games of all time.

  • Lupus

    At least 3 was fixed.

  • Darksirius

    The ending is what they are referring to. All the ME games are solid, but that end to ME3 did no justice to what players went through with ME1 and ME2. Importing saves left and right in order to see the effects of ones choices. Only to end up between a choice of 3 colors. That was messed up!

  • Zewp

    Skyrim was the same though. You kill the dragon of all dragons and then the world just goes on as if nothing changed. Nobody seems to care and the dragon attacks keep happening.

    People probably expect bad endings from Bethesda openworld games.

  • Lupus

    Would be nice if they made it like hey you’re that dragon slayer chap. I like Skyrim but what’s annoying me is the same voice actors are used for multiple characters he doesn’t even change his tone or anything. It’s as if they just popped him in a booth and said go for it.

7 of the worst video game endings of all time

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