This is how many people are still using Windows XP


Microsoft wants older versions of Windows dragged and dropped into the recycle bin, with relatively-recent iterations like Windows 7 not exempt from the drive.

Microsoft has told Windows Vista users that the operating system will reach its end of support on 11 April 2017, and will no longer receive security and other updates.

The company has also started blocking Windows 7 updates for users with systems running Intel 7th-Gen or AMD Ryzen processors (the newest CPUs from the two companies).

A remedy to the above is to upgrade to Windows 10, said Microsoft.

Still on Windows XP

While users on Vista and 7 may be annoyed by Microsoft’s policies, spare a thought for users on Windows XP – which reached end of support on 8 April 2014.

According to statistics from NetMarketShare, XP held 8.45% of the desktop market share in February 2017.

The table below details desktop operating system market share for February.

Operating Systems – February 2017
OS Market Share
Windows 7 48.41%
Windows 10 25.19%
Windows XP 8.45%
Windows 8.1 6.87%
Mac OS X 10.12 2.91%
Linux 2.05%
Windows 8 1.65%
Mac OS X 10.11 1.55%
Mac OS X 10.10 1.00%
Windows Vista 0.78%

This article first appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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  • Alexander Diez Gonzalez

    Windows XP is just such beloved operating system!

  • CheWyBuLLeTs

    So I thought (even while being a tech fiend) that I was being lazy and not embracing change what with still running Win7… from like Win98 it has been by far the best gui’d OS to come from Microsoft for the masses.

    I use Luxology MODO and often develop rather large scenes with differed 3 content which needs reliable hdd io and solid memory utilization and management.

    It is either some of the Linux flavors, Os x or only Win 7 which has proven up to the challenge not to go full on face in the mud when the cgi app starts pushing heavy.

    While Win7 works for me they can go become console pheasants the lot of em greedy OS developers because sooner or later they will find a way to break 7 and make it unworkable… so I can invest in yet again an OS which is put to shame in terms of stability and function compared to the applications we use which depends on it to not do a lot but do it right and stably.

    Viva Win 7 Users!

  • Jaco Smit

    I hate XP these days. So old and clunky like old cars. To me, Vista was a perfect succesor to XP (Mainly because of Dx10), Windows 7 and 8 we just had to churn through to get to 10. I LOVE WIN10, can’t wait for the Creators Edition update.

  • Alexander Diez Gonzalez

    I’m waiting for the Creators Update for W10 too

  • Ariel Schnee

    XP is the only OS I can play some of my old games on and use some of my old programs on.

    So I keep using XP.

    I use Win 7 for newer games.

  • aknit

    Use a virtual box to run XP


  • Ryan James

    I use both virual machines and proper PCs.
    I have from DOS, Win95, Win98, XP, 7 and 10.
    Unfortunately not all apps work cross platform or correctly in a VM (e.g. if you need serial/parallel ports) and one needs to use a proper PC.
    Each OS still has has a use though, even if it is educational 😉

  • tjitah

    I found that XP “compatibility mode” of Win7 worked for every problematic game or application. I really liked XP, but its networking and homegroup was finicky. Win 7 is still the absolutely best and stable version that I’ve used and I’ve come all the way from DOS on floppy disks. Win 8 was a disaster and Win 10 still has several annoying things which Win 7 do flawlessly.

This is how many people are still using Windows XP

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