Mass Effect: Andromeda is not the first to make mistakes

Mass Effect Andromeda

There is something going on with the gaming community at the moment that has to be addressed.

I have never given into the whole “entitled gamers always complain” scene, but this past week has shown a disturbing amount of disrespect, that has left me ashamed of the great community that I have been part of my whole life.

The negativity, the constant bickering, and dear lord the YouTube comments. All this because some media outlets in the United States went on the “bad press is good press” path and slammed Mass Effect for its flaws, especially its unfortunate facial animations.

Yes, I have to agree that the game’s animations are a bit robotic, and perhaps the bugs might be present in the current builds we have seen online, but sadly it only takes a small set of entitled media to bring a game to its knees.

Mass Effect has never had the best animations, both character and facial movements, and we can compare the current game to the second installment all we want.

Bad is bad, regardless of how many years we have advanced in tech and gaming.

The biggest concern for me is just how we have blown this out of proportion. I know the Mass Effect fans are hardcore, hell I am one, but this is just gone to far.

In the past few years alone, we have experienced games that have looked worse than poor Andromeda.

Bethesda has not changed their engine since Fallout 3, so when Fallout 4 was released, the game looks dated as ever.

NPC animations are robotic, conversations look like you are talking to a painting rather than a person, and the bugs, let us not even go there.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt stood as one of the most gorgeous games of its day, but it too had issues here and there with forgettable character interactions and hilarious NPCs.

But in a game with as much hype as Witcher, the downgraded visuals, bugs, and unpolished animations were sidelined.

The Elder Scrolls: Online is still one of the most popular MMOs around, but have you ever actually played it?

While you are doing a dungeon, it looks like you and your teammates are puppets flying around the room with no clear animation paths or transitions.

Let us not forget the conversations that take place where you are subjected to sitting and watching these characters try and be emotional with a straight face.

What I am trying to say is that it seems we think that gaming has all of a sudden advanced 10 years to a time where these things should not happen, and everything is flawless.

What happened to just gaming for the sake of gaming? We loved the previous Mass Effect games to bits, with all their issues, the linear gameplay, and stiff combat.

Andromeda aside, this kind of behavior is shameful.

Just when you think that it is done and dusted, the ripple effect is felt throughout the industry, in ever corner of it, and things get ugly.

The so-called “lead animator” for the game was harassed online by fans.

She received some rather nasty tweets accusing her of offering sexual favors in order to land her job at Bioware.

Seriously, is this how upset we get when our game does not live up to our unrealistic goals? We clearly forgot to treat humans like humans.

With the Mass Effect: Andromeda reviews live already, critics are focusing heavily on the technical issues in the game.

Again this is yet another ripple effect from the original negativity the game faced last week. Sure it is our job to deliver the best honest approach in reviews, but a Bioware game without bugs?

What time are we living in? Most of the reviews are a clear indication that the game has a great story and is a true Mass Effect experience, bar a few glitches here and there.

What I am trying to get across is that you don’t need to follow the herd with these types of situations. Take a step back and look at the fuller picture.

You have media who live on hits, talking negatively about a game for those hits, which causes an uproar in gaming, and everyone gets hurt because fans cannot see further than the forums they sit on all day.

I will be playing Andromeda all week, and all month if need be.

I am sure it will be a stunning Mass Effect experience, give or take a few funny moments here and there thanks to the weird bugs.

What do you think of Mass Effect: Andromeda? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is not the first to make mistakes

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