The best and worst video game reboots of recent years

Sometimes in life you just need to press reset on something and do something from scratch, and in gaming it is no different. Some video game series of in recent years have been reset, and allowed to grow again in a different direction.

Be it a new protagonist, new setting, and perhaps a whole new direction for every gameplay mechanic, here are some of the best and worst video game mechanics that we have played over the past few years.


The Doom series has been around for years. The original DOS games were industry changers with their FPS mechanics and back then, gorgeous visuals.

We then had Doom 3, which after the success and impact of the original games, failed to live up to the hype. Sure it had great FPS mechanics, but it went for more of the fear effect over action.

id Software had to do something to fix this, and give the series a breath of fresh air, enter DOOM 2016. The game went back to its roots, but at the same time managed to capture the classic experience on modern tech.

A brand-new engine, but everything else about it screamed classic Doom. Remastered enemies that were true to the original games, secrets to unlock, and an arsenal of note. DOOM will stand as one of the best shooting games of this generation.

Tomb Raider

Without touching nerves, I just want to remind you of Angel of Darkness. Think of that game, and then think of the Tomb Raider experience that we have had over the past few years. Sure there was Tomb Raider Legend in-between them, but Angel of Darkness was a very low point for the series.

Eidos went back to the drawing board and abandoned everything we knew about past Lara Croft, and introduced a new heroine to the series. The new Lara Croft has layers of character development, a personality, and most of all brains over breasts. Although the classic games were great, you cannot deny that the reboot is the best thing that has happened to the series.

Devil May Cry

The Devil May Cry series is probably everyone’s favorite hack and slash of thee PS2 era, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. Chaining together combos, slashing apart hordes of demons, and doing it all with a bad-ass personality. This is where I do not agree that the series needed a reboot at all.

Although DMC is a great game, the original series was fine the way it was. Sure the story was a bit confusing here and there, but the characters, combat, and setting was excellent. DMC on the other hand took on a more casual tone, with simplified combat, and for many, an unlikable hero.

We loved Dante and his white hair, and let us not forget Lady and her massive rocket launcher.

Prince of Persia

The Prince of Persia series has been through quite the number of transformations in its time. From the original side scroller, to the cel-shaded plaformer, to the trilogy, and then another reboot that lasted one game in 2008. While these reboots have been good to some degree, some of them have been a little lackluster.

Let’s take Sands of Time for example. This reboot was a great game that had a solid story to begin with, and some fantastic gameplay mechanics. We then learnt that the game would be the first in the trilogy, which could either make or break the story, and unfortunately it broke it.

We went from controlling time, to dark princes, and Dahaka, the creature of fate. It was all over the place by the time the final game was released, that it ruined the original experience completely.

While the gameplay was still good among all three, it was the confusing story, and drawn-out plot that ultimately killed the series, and led to the next reboot in 2008.

Ratchet and Clank

While I have never personally had an issue with the past Ratchet and Clank games, it was time Insomniac Games went back to the drawing board with the series. The last few games on the PS3, All 4 One, and that strange tower defence game Q-Force, were a clear sign that the series needed some work.

Fast forward a few years and we are now in the PS4 era with a new Ratchet and Clank experience that is both a remaster and a reboot of the original game on PS2. Simple dubbed Ratchet and Clank, the game is a true example of our much we love to our favorite Lombax and his strange robotic sidekick.

All we hope is that Insomniac keep up the good work and deliver sequels to the game that follow the classic path of the original. Well done Insomniac, well done.

 The Legend of Zelda

Say what you want, but The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a reboot in its own right. All other Zelda games were open-world to some degree, but Breath of the Wild takes it to a whole new level with crafting, cooking, and some survival mechanics never seen in a Zelda game before.

The same recipe is present in terms of the story, but in general the gameplay, the setting, and the open world mechanic is a new and fresh direction that Nintendo have never gone in before in the series. Breath of the Wild could be the new direction for all Zelda games to come, which makes it a feel like a reboot among anything else.

What reboots did you love or simply hate? Let us know in the comments and forum. 

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The best and worst video game reboots of recent years

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