Agents of Mayhem could be the sleeper hit of 2017

Volition, the studio behind the successful Saints Row series have always had a knack of creating tongue-in-cheek games that, while admittedly silly, were actually pretty good. And the offbeat studio’s latest project follows those lines but adds a dose of super-powered task-force into the mix.

Agents of Mayhem takes cues from stereotypical A-team-inspired action shows, and throws them into a single-player, open-world third-person game set in Seoul. What makes Agents of Mayhem different is that before each mission you choose three out of the 12 agents to bring with you, and you can switch between these three at will.

Agents include Daisy, “a mini-gun wielding, beer-swigging, foul-mouthed derby girl”, Rama, an immunologist with a futuristic bow and energy arrows, and Red Card, “a psychotic football hooligan with a temper that can literally clear a crowd”.

There’s a whole lot more characters to be revealed, and the stylised visuals and over-the-top gunplay has got us quite excited.

Volition and Deep Silver have announced that Agents of Mayhem will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 18 August 2017, and have released a new trailer alongside the announcement.

Check it out below:

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Agents of Mayhem could be the sleeper hit of 2017

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