Five things gamers live to regret

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Gaming has drastically changed of the course of the past 20 years, and the way we play and the dynamics of our gaming habits have become something very different from the past.

With that being said, these changes have brought about ways that gaming lets us down too. Whether its wasting money on pre-orders, buying loot boxes and getting nothing from them, or hyping for a multiplayer game that you end up playing alone.

Here are some moments in gaming that gamers live to regret.

Pre-order bonuses

We all know how it goes: “Pre-order now for instant access to this skin, this map, and these weapons that will surely make you stand out from all the other players”.

While this is all fun and sometimes we get some cool content like the Harley Quinn mission in Arkham Knight, we are often let down by these so-called “incentives”.

That is to say, they sometimes end up being completely useless or you look so similar to the original skin that you never want to use it.

The same is said for those Deluxe Edition games that also rope you into doing the same thing. Only R200 more for the Deluxe Edition which includes the special AK47 and outfit.

You then use the gun and realise that it is the biggest load of rubbish ever and instantly regret ever spending that extra cash on the game.

Sonic Lost Worlds Pre Order

In-game purchases

Twenty years ago if you released a game that was it. You would have to work on an expansion and it had better be worth the gamer’s time and money else you would have hell to pay.

These days, publishers and developers screw us over every day with rubbish DLC and the worst thing ever, in-game purchases.

The worst type of in-game purchase has to be the boxes that contain items which normally revolve around cosmetic gear and skins.

If a game has a box system then players can usually buy them separately in batches of one, ten, even twenty and they cost a pretty dime when doing so.

You now have spent over R500 on these boxes as you will not miss out on that golden pig skin. After twenty boxes or so you are now still waiting for that skin to drop.

R500 or more later, as I normally spend a few hundred and then give it another go, there is no sign of the golden pig skin, and you now sit there in sadness as you have nothing to show for that money wasted.

Loot Box Overwatch

Buying games on sale

If you play on any gaming device you would know that at least once a week there will be a sale for you to take advantage of, be it a single game at a great price or a dozen of them. It is a struggle we all live with, having to avoid these great games at great prices.

The issue here is that most of the time we splurge on these sales, and yes it helps improve our Steam library, but how many of these games do you actually play?

Often weeks go by after purchasing a couple of games on sale and I am scrolling through my library and realise that I have not opened them at all.

The worst is when you see a game on sale and head to the marketplace to buy it and realise that you actually already own it.

All those dozens of games you bought on sale during the Steam Summer Sale could probably add up to a few brand-new releases if you think about it. Regret those purchases yet?

Playing a social game alone

Other than review titles, many of my game purchases are made depending on what my friends are going to buy.

I have my eyes on Fortnite in July as it is going to be an epic game to play with friends. Sometimes, however, these things don’t always work out as well as we think.

You buy a game because your friends are hyped to play it and you guys spend a good few hours on it, but sooner than you think no one is playing this social game with you anymore.

You then run through the most social parts of the game all alone while hoping that someone will see you playing the game and join. Alas no invites are sent, and no communication is made.

The second you leave the game and join on whatever they are playing you instantly get a chat invite. You then realise that you perhaps you should have saved your cash rather than relying on your buddies to make your purchase decisions for you.


Game pre-orders

A few years ago, if you pre-ordered a game a payment would not go off until about 2 days before release. Nowadays things are a little different.

Everything requires immediate payment and that means that if you are looking forward to playing a game in December, then you better cough up the R1,000 now.

In a world with YouTubers who get paid to say nice things and limited game access to the media who actually speak the truth, games are not what they seem. Throwing money at a pre-order is a gamble, and less gamers have money to throw at a potentially bad product.

There is nothing worse than buying a game and instantly getting hit with regret when the reviews go live, or worse, no reviews at all at launch.

You now have wasted money on the game which you could have spent elsewhere.

No Man's Sky landed

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Five things gamers live to regret

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