Survival apocalypse game set in Joburg gets a new trailer

The local gaming development scene has grown dramatically over the past few years, and there are quite a lot of interesting projects out there worth taking note of. One which caught our eye was Organosphere, which isn’t just made by locals, it’s also set in SA.

Organosphere is a survival game set in Johazardousburg, which, as you can work out, is a apocalyptic recreation of SA’s big city. Players take control of a scientist who wakes up to an unfamiliar reality where nature has overtaken humanity.

Organosphere screenshot

“You must escape and venture into the heart of Johazardousburg and it’s lush environment to discover the meaning of all existence as we know it. All while defending yourself from the cruel reality of nature with your trusty shotgun,” explains the game’s description.

The game pits players against giant bugs, hostile humans, and even killer-trees. Players can also transition between third and first-person at any point as you navigate the city.

“Johazardousburg is our re-interpretation of JHB,” explain the developers. “We’ve taken all the things you know, love, and hate and condensed it into a single 5 square-kilometre open world play area, including additional locations that can be traveled to such as nature reserves, offices, farmlands and more. Ponte, Brixton, Hillbrow, taxi ranks, braais, mine dumps, craft markets, broken traffic lights, dodgy clubs and everything else – its all there waiting to be explored.”

While still in early development, Organosphere looks like quite a lot fun.There is no firm release date, but beta testing is scheduled for September with a full release planned before the end of the year.

You can check out more on the game’s Facebook page and website. Check out the trailer below:

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  • Brave Magala

    Loose the bugs and make a GTA Joburg…

  • Here’s and idea: make the robots real robots.

  • Wurnman

    Give me some oversized Koring Krieke then it’ll be fun….

  • Wurnman

    some Fembots will be nice…

  • l0cal User

    I dont get it, they didnt need to go through all the trouble of faking a post apocalyptic Jozi. Just go 10 years in the future, ANC plague will have taken its toll – EFF/MK/ANC Youth league and other gangs are running rampant, infrastructure would have collapsed so that makes the survival theme work… no sane person will understand what has happened… it will work especially well if your character wakes up from a 10 year coma in a medicross. You could even call it “Jozumastan”.

  • R1ckyR00ny

    How you go and describe the game as alpha footage but beta testing hasn’t been done?

  • AgentMulders

    The concept is sound, they just need better video production. That felt like a 3rd year project’s intro

  • Funkdoobie

    Um… Because Alpha comes before Beta?

  • R1ckyR00ny

    I’ve developed software for various companies, we normally label our software Version Alpha before release stage… And Beta is pre liminary testing before final Alpha testing. Mayb its not a universal thing and people can name their testing what they want… Just saying

  • Funkdoobie

    I know in games 100% the cycle is Alpha, Beta, Release. I am also a software dev and have always followed the logical A, B, release cycle. End of the day it is irrelevant, but in games, you always go Alpha, Beta then Release. You will notice most games get opened to the public for Beta testing, once the closed Alpha testing phase has been completed.

  • R1ckyR00ny

    Cool Stuff, i guess its a matter of perspective and business processes from various development companies, thanks for clearing that up.

Survival apocalypse game set in Joburg gets a new trailer

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