5 great alternatives to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


There is no doubt that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is probably the hottest game since GTA V, no really, it just recently knocked GTA off the 4th spot of the most concurrent users online at one time.

As someone who has played the game, it is awesome and I enjoy jumping into a few matches with friends every now and then, but sometimes I sit and wonder what else I could be playing that might offer the same experience for me.

There are some obvious clones out there that you might want to check out if you are looking for a change of scenery. These games have very similar mechanics, and some of them just offer a fantastic multiplayer experience that you don’t want to miss out on. Take a look at some great games like PUBG.

Arma II: DayZ Mod

Truth be told, DayZ’s Battle Royale mod was actually created by Brendan Greene who is the mind behind PUBG. He worked on the DayZ Battle Royale mod as well as the Arma 3 mod, called PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale.

Before DayZ’s standalone release, it was actually a mod for Arma 2, and it’s Battle Royale mod is probably the closest you could get to the PUBG experience and a great place to start out.

In Arma II: DayZ you team up with friends as you take on the chilling landscape using whatever means you have to survive.

While fighting off the hundreds of infected, you also need to stay alive by finding rare necessities like food and water, but at the same time, no one can be trusted as there is always someone looking to kill you and take your resources.

Think of Arma II: DayZ as a zombie mod for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Kill other players while surviving the harsh world you are in, while at the same time making sure no zombies stand in your way.

H1Z1: King of the Hill

H1Z1 used to be the best battle royale game on Steam until PUBG came along, but that is to say, there are still thousands of people playing it and it is still a load of fun to experience.

Like other battle royale titles, H1Z1 puts you in a fight to the death against other players in an arena-style map. These large maps are filled with resources, gear, and of course weapons to use against these other players.

While PUBG is a rather serious affair, H1Z1 offers a more casual arcade-style experience with a faster pace. The game has also received quite a lot of content since launch with new updates, tweaks and content. However, the game still suffers from cheaters, so be warned.

Rust: Battle Arena

PUBG borrows quite a lot of inspiration from Rust but in general, it is a great experience that also feels different in some ways.

You begin a match on the edge of the map and as you search for loot in the buildings and surrounding areas the map begins to shrink. You will have to avoid zombies and other players at the same time as you try and be the last man standing.

Rust offers a fair share of intense gun fights, while at the same time relying on a heavy survival aspect to keep your character in check. The maps are quite big and offer both tight smaller areas for up-close action, as well as large open areas to use to your advantage, or disadvantage really.

Rust: Battle Royale is yet another fantastic PUBG clone that you should really give a go and see if you fancy it.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is one of the only free-to-play battle royale games on this list, and to be honest free versions of these games are actually hard to come by. Still, Last Man Standing offers quite an action-packed experience for those looking for a free entry into the battle royale genre.

The game offers a variety of weapons and deep customization items, but its gameplay is where it shines the most as it offers a great tactical styled combat system where you are placed on a map alongside 100 other players fighting each other and searching the environment for weaponry.

Imagine the chaos of 100 players running around killing and going complete balls to the walls? That is Last Man Standing for you.

The Culling

The Culling is one of the first ever battle royale games on the market to deliver on the intense survival gameplay that we crave when playing these types of games. It is brutal and one of the most intense titles on this list.

Instead of relying heavily on guns like PUBG, The Culling focuses on melee combat more than anything else. This means that you can expect players to be all up in your face at all times and fighting to the death actually means making sure you can on swing your opponent’s machete faster than he can.

While the game is in general much slower than other battle royale games out there, it will still keep you busy for a few hours while you perfect your melee combat.

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5 great alternatives to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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