How to tell when you’re getting too old for gaming

Now, before you all go completely crazy and attack me in the comments section for putting an age on gamin,g let me just say that as gamers we all change over the years and grow up.

Specific things become more important to us, and some things we just couldn’t care less about. Not to say we get boring, but we do have a tendency to mellow a bit compared to our younger gaming days.

But how do you tell if you are officially an old gamer and gaming simply does not fill the void that it used to like it did back in the day? Well here are some signs that you might be getting too old for gaming. Spoiler alert; to surgery can fix this.

You have started to live in the past

There is no doubt that gaming has changed over the course of the years, but that does not mean that you need to live in the past. Pre-order this, get that, and overall gaming has become saturated due to the sheer amount of ways to make them.

Everyone is making games, everyone is trying to make money, and you just hate it all. Pre-orders never happen in your life as you are most certain that they will end up in disappointment.

Every game you do decide to buy causes a little flame in you to ignite every time you enter the DLC screen.

In the end, the most you can do is sit back and compare everything today, to how it was back in the day. Yes, we know you lived in a day where games were fully-fledged experiences and expansions meant an extra dozen hours of content.

DLC was not a thing, and franchises were worth the time. There is nothing worthy of yesteryear’s gaming in today’s time, and you make sure everyone knows that.

Too old for gaming

You simply have no time for gaming

You are not a teenager anymore, you simply cannot stay up until the crack of dawn playing games and then sleep for an hour and be as right as rain the next day. You now work a full-time job that fills every minute of the day with some sort of chaos.

When you get home from said job all you want to do is boot up your PC and play but there is this thing called “adulting” that needs to be done.

Eating a cooked meal, gyming so you don’t get fatter, and of course, if you have kids, you need to make sure they do the same so they can sit all night and play games like you wish you could.

Before you know it, midnight has arrived and you realise that if you play something now you will be groggy the whole day tomorrow as chances are one hour will turn into four hours. Off to bed in the hopes of you getting some game time in tomorrow.

Too old for gaming

You realise just how much money you spend on it

Browsing on the Steam page has become something you regret doing. Yes, we know, back in your day games were a few hundred rands and now you pay over R1k for them.

As you go through all the new games up for pre-order you realise that purchasing one of these games means that your petrol budget is cut in half for that month.

To make matters worse you will need to buy a new graphics card or maybe even upgrade your RAM to make sure that said game looks the best on your PC, but then you realise that maybe you should rather save for that trip to Italy which you have been putting off for years now.

Gaming has become something of an expensive hobby for you now as “adult” things need to be paid for, and there is always something that comes up when you think you have some extra cash for games, it just the way things work now.

Too old for gaming

You just don’t get excited like you used to

Call it a combination of everything in your life like the fact that games cost a month’s petrol budget or the fact that you don’t have time to play them anymore, but you just cannot get excited for games as much as you used to.

Every new game announcement is left with that lingering anxious feeling that you might need to walk to work or get divorced in order for you to actually play the game as much as you hope you could.

Now games are met with this question of “will I ever get to play this?”, or “maybe closer to payday”. Slowly the excitement begins to dwindle into nothingness as you begin to realise that being an adult means you cannot just game due to responsibilities.

Too old for gaming

You have become a perfectionist

As we grow older, our way of dealing with specific things change. Activities which we used to love we now hate, and things which we never used to enjoy become our primary focus.

The truth is the same for gaming as our adult minds start to think as if we would think in real life.

Being an adult means cleaning, cooking, shopping, and all those other terrible tasks, and if we don’t do it properly we only have ourselves to blame.

All these real-life activities then start to slowly influence our gaming as we make sure we complete every task as we would our daily life. Inventories become neater, quests logs become emptier, and we find ourselves really committing to a game before moving onto something new.

Yes, it is not OCD which takes over when we get older, it is the simple fact that you either look after yourself or you get left behind in filth, and the same is then said for our gaming.

Too old for gaming

You feel that everything is the same these days

Oh, joy, another first person shooter with jet packs and cheap, cheesy dialogue. Now if you had to rewind time you would totally have loved that game back as a teenager.

You and your friends would all get together and LAN it out as you squeal over the chat to older men about their mothers and families. Now, however, you simply cannot stomach the thought that last year’s shooter might be remotely the same as this year’s one.

Another month, another batch of indie games that have all gone back in time and use a retro look… original.

FIFA is just another soccer game that has new teams, and let us not forget ridiculous those fighting games are. All you do is spam buttons in hope that you pull off a combo.

As you grow older, things start to become more focused on the things that really matter, a handful of games that remind you of your childhood. Everything else in the world is just the same and lacks any sort of content and replayability.

Too old for gaming

You start to hate everyone online

You now have found a free moment to sit and play games but instead of peace and quiet you are now spammed with chat party invites from your friends who want to go and play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Now you would much rather sit and enjoy a trip through Witcher 3, but no, you now have to go and deal with salty people online as you try and arrange team tactics after a long day at work.

What started with you enjoying some solo gaming now ends with you have an all-night hate mail conversation with some 7-year old in the US who blames your lag for his death, meanwhile he needs a serious lesson in how to aim.

Foul words are thrown around, you get all heated up and power off your PC in a huff. You then realise just how terrible everyone is online and curse them all. Next time you will rather just log in offline to save yourself from any actual social gaming.

Too old for gaming

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  • I wouldn’t say any of this means you’re too old for gaming – the phrase suggests giving it up completely.

    If anything, the factors above (some of which apply to me) just indicates someone who is a bit more selective about where and what they spend their time on.

    No need to get too old for gaming 🙂

  • Viper_ZA

    “Now you would much rather sit and enjoy a trip through Witcher 3, but no, you now have to go and deal with salty people online as you try and arrange team tactics after a long day at work.”

    Know this feeling all too well. PUBG is good and all but sometimes you just want to play something casually, without thinking about it too much. Thanks for the reminder about logging in offline, might have to do that to get around to playing something else instead 🙂

  • Corné Cornoster Bergakker

    I think this describes most mature gamers.
    There are things you remember more fondly and as your life changes the way you game changes.

    You can go and play Prince of Persia, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Heretic, Counter Strike classic, NFS Underground now and I guarantee it will spoil the memory for you. I do like the burger analogy for DLC – these are companies and their aim is to make money – DLC and pay to win are legitimate money making techniques. I’m playing a smaller range of games now – I’m investing more time in every game – doing side quests, farming rep, getting achievements and improving gear for instance. My inventory is super neat lol. Some days I don’t have energy for gaming – after a long day at work, a hectic workout in the gym or just sleep deprivation from gaming like a teenager the night before and on those days I relax a bit – take a long bath, binge watch a tv series or check out some youtube vids in bed – I specifically like LTT and Jays2Cents for staying up to date with tech.

    I don’t understand what too old for gaming means.
    I’ll still be gaming when I retire one day – probably on Redbull and Pre-Workout for long hours every day – better look around solong for old age homes with uncapped fibre.

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    Age aside, I still feel all Resident Evil games should remain fixed like Resident Evil 1,2&3

  • As a long time wow player (pre EU servers) I can say that not just old people hate people online. 6 months in any game with a relative toxic environment mixed with pvp will make even a 20 year old hate everyone online.

  • Wurnman

    Love the article….

  • Wurnman

    I just don’t pvp at all, just pve… i know im boring

  • Wurnman

    Try this beauty, it’s when i started

  • skietgat

    I’m 79 years old, retired 4 years, playing games for +/- 30 yaers and I have presenly spent over 2400 hrs on civilization v. Fantastic pass time for old timers.

  • Jose

    “How to tell when you’re getting too old for gaming”.

    You’re never going to be too old for gaming. I’ll game till my last day on Earth even if I live to a hundred,

  • tjitah

    I’m 53 and still an active gamer. Started with flight simulators in the 1980’s and still love them, but have slowly migrated from combat flight simulators to civilian flight sims in the last few years. I’m also playing other genres like strategy, RPG, FPS, etc on PC and Xbox, chasing those achievements 🙂

  • No you are not. I have moved away from PvP ages ago and my life has never been better. The occasional Overwatch and Pubg is still fun every now and then. Fortnite being 100% coop pve is actually enjoyable and has a surprisingly friendly community.

  • Wurnman

    Yeah Co-op pve is fun, problem is depending the MMO you playing finding a co-op player is not always available… Have you played The Secret World yet?

  • brad coetzee

    Thats great! I’m sure Civ helps keep the mind sharp as well as entertain.

  • Loman

    You know you’re old when you enjoy Call of Duty 2-5 more than the new CoD’s

    Personally the new COD’s have so many cut scenes it feels like i’m watching a movie and not playing a game. Not to mention that they all put an arrow over a guys head and tell you to follow him through the game. F that. I don’t want to follow that guy, I want to BE that guy. Screw you guys, you should follow me b!tch not the other way around.

    I miss the days of Delta Force 2
    FIIck it, I even miss Dangerous Dave.

How to tell when you’re getting too old for gaming

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