The worst things about being a modern gamer

Mass Effect

What is a modern gamer you ask? Well, we are all modern gamers.

Guys and girls who live in today’s not-so-great gaming industry where everyone is trying to milk everything as much as they can.

Every day we are faced with obstacles that we need to challenge in order to just play our games like innocent people.

There is always some scheme we need to watch out for, and whenever we want to buy a game we always need to think twice before we do so as lies are all over the place.

Yes, being a modern gamer simply sucks, and here is why.

Microtransactions are now everywhere

Before gamers had to deal with microtransactions our multiplayer games. Yes, this was not pretty to see as cosmetic items and even other boxes that contained better weapons were all available in these crates. This was known as the “play to win” model. However, gamers adapted to this way of life and realized that if you don’t play COD from day one then you have two options, buy everything with extra money or simply don’t play it.

Now in 2017, we have single player games with microtransactions too. Yes, the latest game to fall victim to this is the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War where WBGames have thought it wise to sell chests that contain weapons and even characters that will give you an upper hand in the game.

This is something that we all frown upon as unless the game is free-to-play, do not ask me for a cent unless it is simply a cosmetic purchase. The truth is as much as everyone says “is you have a problem with in-game purchases, don’t buy them”, but the truth of the matter is that if that is your view on the situation, things are never going to change. Microtransactions take advantage of us every time we boot up a game, and it ruins the experience.

The lack of Backwards Compatibility

As we are slowly reaching the end of the current console cycle, give or take another two years max before the PS5 is on the market, the fear of this generational leap is always daunting. For two generations now we have had to live with the fact that we would need to have two consoles plugged into our TV to play all our favourite games from Sony. While Microsoft has this spot on with the Xbox One by allowing the Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility support on the console, both Sony and Nintendo have failed gamers terribly in this day and age.

The Nintendo Switch has no way of you downloading older games onto it, and when the console gets its much anticipated Virtual Console support which will see the NES, GBA, and SNES games release on the device, gamers will have to repurchase the games even if they owned them already on the Wii U and 3DS.

It is a complete utter lack of respect for gamers who spend hundreds and thousands during a console cycle to forget and pretend that all those purchases and experience did not exist. It actually goes to show how much Nintendo and Sony actually care about their games to leave them all behind when new hardware comes along.

PlayStation Now

Paid subscription price hikes

One of the parts of being a modern gamer is always having to budget each month for those subscriptions. If you are someone who owns every platform then it is quite an expensive budget to handle. Then we have the price hikes which have been pre predominant over the past few years as Microsoft, and Sony has increased their “value add” subscription almost by 70%.

It is not like we get anything fantastic with these monthly purchases and often we don’t even download the games we get for free. We also now have Nintendo coming to the party with their service next year which is another R60, for now, that is. As the Switch gains momentum we can surely see this price go up in the next few years. That is close R350 a month we pay now just for these services.

Not to mention the others if you play games like ESO, Final Fantasy XIV, and WoW. These are constantly going up every month without you even realizing it due to the weak rand. There is more money being spent here than you think.

Pre-order fails

In the recent year, this subject has become a rather nasty one. I have noticed gamers become more aware of their pre-order decisions and most of them now actually stay away from pre-ordering games until reviews drop or demos are released. Sure, you can blame No Man’s Sky, I do anyway, but this whole model still has a terrible taste for all gamers out there.

With all these pre-order incentives that expire on release, gamers are missing out on these goodies in turn for waiting to see if the game is actually any good or not. Basically, publishers are saying that if you want to be safe, you will miss out on incentives, and if you pre-order that incentive will be given to players at a later date anyway.

It is all a very ugly situation as we all know the price of games, and just how we need to budget for them, so when we are let down by something that encompasses everything I mentioned above in one package, then things are simply disastrous. Being a modern gamer means gambling your money away sometimes, and it is simply not fair.

No Man's Sky landed

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  • Most of these things only applies to modern console gamers.

  • tjitah

    Yes I agree with the article. I miss the days when you paid once and you had the complete game on CD/DVD, without bugs, no stupid hidden achievements, no DLC, no season pass, no microtransactions.

  • Jiraiya

    The massive downloads…

  • Brucely Shipalana
  • Jose

    The recently announced micro transactions in Shadow of War needs to get more visibility. Basically if this title and its business model become successful it will ruin gaming for many of us. As difficult as it may be for those of us that enjoyed the first game, we need to vote with our wallets and let publishers/developers know that we won’t support this shameless cash grab. I had a once off 30% discount pre-order for this title which I cancelled yesterday afternoon.

  • THar

    you say without bugs, but games used to be shipped with errors on the disk, and patched out in later manufacturing. for me ace combat 5 was impossible to complete, but i borrowed a friends disk who had a “playstation gold” copy, and the mission succeed. but you are right, modern gaming lets developers abuse the ability to release a game early. but it is also a blessing that we can update our games, when developers and publishers don’t exploit us!

  • tjitah

    True, there was the odd one with a glitch. Think that is what got me to open a “CompuServe” account with my dial-up modem (remember those?). Still I think it was the norm to ship near-perfect games, needing perhaps one patch, rather than today where the norm is to ship half-finished games, needing a stream of patches and updates. The difference back then was that developers got their money once-off when the game was finished and had to come up with a completely new game to get paid again. Today they get paid before they even finish and then get paid along the way for DLC etc, which in many cases are just ways to finish/fix the original effort. Perhaps the latter is a better way to sustain the business model as I remember several gaming companies folded after just a year or two, especially if the first effort was weak or flawed.

  • Jaco Vermeulen

    ESO is not subscription based…

  • Darryl

    As a 3G gamer due to my location, if I had to plug in a game now, I have a 10Gb update. It’s utter madness.

    Then, should I choose the PC route, even worse!

  • Corné Cornoster Bergakker

    That last one – pre-order fails
    Luckily I missed out on the No Mans Sky and Mass Effect Andromeda post launch disappointment as I own neither.

    The thing I would like to add is the cost of keeping your PC setup relevant.
    – M.2 drive R2000
    – 16Gb DDR4 R2000
    – Ryzen CPU R3500
    – Ryzen Mobo R1500
    – ITX case R600
    – Water Cooling R800
    – 3x Fans R500

    I am selling my components from my previous setup individually so I can offset the cost of my current one. I still have lots of work to do – clean dust off, take pictures, put items back in original packaging where available and setup BidorBuy adverts but I think if it was a console I would struggle a lot more to get a buyer.

    Back when I was playing Street Fighter 2 there wasn’t really a concept of having a relevant system or not – you either had one or you didn’t. Only later even when Unreal Tournament launched did I hear about VGA cards (back then the Voodoo 2). I was playing on the family computer – it’s not like I was going to overclock it – that’s why we had the turbo button lol!!!

  • NetworkGeek

    So I game on both console and PC.

    Irrespective of the platform I enjoy both, however there is a certain console maker from Japan that charges an arm and a leg for you to play online. Then one day you switch on the console and BAM! You are banned from their network with no way of unblocking yourself or stopping payments as they even block you from singing in online from PC. No explanation or communication from the said company.

    Point is Gaming these days does really suck!
    Glad i still have my age of empires CDs 😛

  • “You are banned from their network with no way of unblocking yourself or stopping payments as they even block you from singing in online from PC.”

    You should not be Singing online anyway. Maybe the other players got annoyed with your voice and reported you for bad singing. ??

  • Brave Magala

    The there is other things like EA’s subscription service, that gives you access to plenty games for the fraction of the price of a game…

  • SparksLegend

    The Witcher 3 has the best model. No DRM. Boat loads of free DLC for everyone, no subscriptions and no pay to win… and then when they did ask for paid DLC it added another 25 hours (at least) of game time. Why other publishers can’t adopt this model I don’t know. Game of the year and the best publisher that puts gamers interests first.

The worst things about being a modern gamer

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