Sad video game moments that still give us sleepless nights

Video games are an entertainment medium which means that they make us happy and sad. The happier ones are great but the sad ones, when the story is told properly, can leave a scar in our hearts that we will never forget.

Some games use death as a way to bring about emotion, while others use pain and sorrow. Regardless, these video games should all be remembered for being simply fantastic in a way that they brought about emotions like none other before. No, there is no Aerith on this list.

Spoilers to follow.

Mara Sov Sacrifice – Destiny

Destiny never had the best storyline, and fans of the series like myself accepted that for what it was. However, after the first two expansions released, Bungie realized that they had to step up their game with The Taken King, the third expansion in the series, and take the story telling to a whole new level.

While the Taken King was not the best out of the bunch, it did throw us right into the action with some of the best story elements we had ever experienced in the game. CGI cinematics pulled us in like never before and they truly made for a remarkable visual experience. What we did not expect though was an instant heartbreak in the early minutes of the expansion.

Mara Sov, who was the Queen of the Reef met the Taken fleet in the battle at Saturn’s Rings. He fleet challenged the army but alas failed when the Dreadnaught’s primary weapon vaporised the surrounding ships. Mara Sov was never a main character in the series, but the way her death handled was truly a tragedy. She planned to take on fleet from the start in order for the Dreadnaught to fire its primary weapon and knock out its own ships. We all remember wanting to see Mara even more in the series and her sudden death was a loss to all fans.

Elise de la Serre – Assassin’s Creed Unity

Elise de la Serre and Arno’s relationship in Assassin’s Creed Unity is one of the most heart-wrenching I have experienced in ages. Arno and Elise meet at a very young age and throughout the game you watch them grow together but there is only one issue. Elise is a Templar and Arno is an Assassin.

This immediately triggers this “forbidden love” direction that the game goes in where the two childhood lovers are just not allowed to be together. It is truly a tragic set of events that unfold as Arno is fighting against the cause that Elise so believes is for the good of the world.

It is not until the end of the game where Elise truly comes to terms with the Templar’s true intentions and the game’s story hits its arc. Elise and Arno fight François-Thomas Germain, the leader of the Templars in one final showdown. Elise, however, does not make it out of the fight alive and succumbs to her wounds. After the huge build-up to the realization of the Templar’s evil schemes, Elise dies at the hands of Francois. A rebel, a fighter and a lover.

Trico’s struggle – The Last Guardian

Those who have played The Last Guardian before would know that the game does a great job in forcing you to fall in love with the creature known as Trico. However, throughout the game, the story builds up this feeling that something tragic will happen to him or the boy who you control throughout the experience.

While the game does not end in tragedy, it does have a tear-jerking moment near the end where Trico is brutally attacked by his fellow creatures. This terrible set of events is led up by a cutscene that kind of prepares you for it, but the way it is all played out is truly heartbreaking.

As Trico tries to defend himself, the creatures bite, scratch, and simply beat him to a pulp like a gang in an alley. You as the boy cannot do anything to help so as you find a way to escape the area you have to watch Trico being beaten alive. This scene lasts for around 20-minutes and you cannot help but feel nasty as you watch your best friend being bullied to the brink of death.

Horatio’s Death – Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 took a much lighter route than its predecessor, but that does not mean that the game did not throw a curveball when one of its main leading characters suddenly dies. After Horatio goes missing, Marcus sets off to track him down. Marcus then finds him bleeding out in the house of an infamous gang leader.

Horatio has just enough life in him to notice Marcus but unfortunately, he dies soon after. To make it all worse the entire murder was filmed on his phone. Marcus witnesses Horatio being beaten and then slabbed which could not have been easy on him at all.

While Marcus does exact revenge on Horatio, the entire series of events was very unexpected in the game and it still manages to make quite an impact on the player whether you liked Horatio or not.

The bad ending – Witcher 3

While many people may argue that there is no real bad ending in the Witcher 3, one of the three endings in the game kind of makes you want to re-do your entire playthrough. The worst part about this is that you have literally spent hundreds of hours playing the game to be subjected to seeing a terrible series of events unfold in front of you due to the decisions you have made.

Instead of Ciri becoming a Witcher or even an empress, she now ventures into a portal where her fate is never truly revealed. What happens to Ciri and where is she is the question you will forever ask yourself as the game’s worst ending is probably the game’s saddest one too. To top it all off flashbacks of her past and her relationship with Geralt are all thrown at you like daggers in your heart.

The fate of Ciri hangs in your mind as you now have to play through half the game again to make sure your decisions you made that led to this ending are not the same again. You lie awake at night wondering if it was all worth it while you contemplate the choices of your life.

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Sad video game moments that still give us sleepless nights

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