10 things we cannot wait to do in Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 launches this Wednesday and what better way to celebrate it than a list of things we cannot wait to do in the game? Destiny 2 is bigger and better than ever with so much to do and see that it will feel like something completely new.

After playing the beta and living on the internet learning every aspect of the game, I pretty much know as much as possible right now. If I had to list 10 things these would be them.

Master the new weapon system

Gone is the primary, secondary, and heavy weapon loadout system as Bungie has now opted in for a new kinetic, energy, and power loadout.

What this means is that you can now have more freedom over the weapons you choose as it offers more flexibility across the board. The new weapon system also opens up new loadout options to equip the new killer weapon classes like grenade launchers and the older ones which we all love like the rocket launchers and heavy machine guns.

Take down the Strike bosses

As far as I know, there will be six Strikes that launch with the game and each of them is said to be more epic than the last. There is no surprise there as the Strikes, as tedious as they get after the hundredth time, are Destiny’s best activity.

I cannot wait to head into each one, fight my way through the hordes of enemies, kill the boss, and walk away with the epic loot.

Watch the Speaker get beaten to a pulp

From what we know after playing the beta and watching the launch trailer for the game, the Speaker has been taken by Ghaul and the two of them are not friends in the slightest.

While I would rather have the Crytarch being held hostage by the Red Legion’s leader, I guess we will have to just settle for that strange guy who was at the back of the Tower and really never served any purpose.

The Speaker and Ghaul do not see eye to eye and this will play a major part in the game’s epic story.

Prepare for the Raid

Let’s be honest, from the start of the game, all the way until the end we have one thing in on our minds; will this work and will I be powerful enough to Raid?

The best thing about a new Destiny experience is that we know we have to work our Guardian’s behinds off in order to prep for the upcoming Raid. The grind is all too familiar for all players but we cannot wait to do it anyway.

Create three characters

While most of us will probably only be playing one character at the start, give it a few months and we will all have three characters to play with.

That is the best thing about Destiny and Destiny 2 will be no different. Each class has their own use in the game and advantages and disadvantages and we all cannot wait to experience it all over again, three times to be precise.

Destiny 2

Find those exotic weapons

If Destiny 2 is anything like the original, it will have the best exotics ever and the rarer the better in my opinion. We all remember the grind trying to get Hawkmoon, and when we did we almost died of a stroke.

I cannot wait for the same experience again in Destiny 2 as we hold thumbs at the reward screen and just pray we get the gun that everyone has and we have not managed to get yet.

Destiny 2

Tea bag in Crucible

I won’t lie I do love my crouch button when I play PvP in Destiny. Destiny 2’s Crucible is going to be faster and smoother than ever and the tea-bagging will be back as expected.

I cannot wait to explore the new maps and locations and even give Trials of Osiris another go to try and make it to the Lighthouse for all that awesome Trials gear that everyone wants their hands on.

Destiny 2


This is all said and done the end-game activities in Destiny 2 are basically PvP based and of course, the infamous Leviathan Raid which we will all be going into on 13 September.

The Raid will be tough and chances of us doing it the first night are slim, but that is the fun of it all. Those 4AM gaming sessions as you and your Fireteam try to overcome the challenges in the Raid, and those rage quitting moments when you are right at the end and someone messes up.

Those are the best moments and I cannot wait to have them again in Destiny 2.

Try again with randos

One major issue with the original Destiny was the lack of a decent matchmaking system when it came to raiding.

Destiny 2 is going to change that with Guided Games. This time around you will be able to look for a specific person who has a specific class at a specific level.

This will make filling that one empty spot in your team much easier than spamming invites at friends who are playing GTA V and not Destiny 2 in hopes that they abandon their game and join you. Sure it will random players, but hopefully, a new friendship will bloom.

Destiny 2

Timed Events

While the main game will keep us busy for a while, we might find that after a few months we will need something new. Well, at least we know that we can look forward to doing other things in Destiny 2 career like perhaps Iron Banner, and maybe a Halloween event, New Years and more.

The original Destiny saw various timed events taking place over the game’s period, and Destiny 2 will hopefully be the same. I am sure that Sparrow Racing will return as well as all those crazy masks and heads.

Destiny 2

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  • Helldriver Phoenix

    The 1st Destiny was just to repetitive to try the 2nd.

10 things we cannot wait to do in Destiny 2

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