5 video games still stuck in development hell

We all know how it goes, you see a video game being announced and after the nerd chill trailer you sit and wait for a release date that never arrives.

You think to yourself that it is okay, they will probably announce the release year at least the next time they show the game off. The thing is, they never speak of the game ever again and you are left wondering where in the world that awesome concept went and will you ever play it.

It is a common thing, games being thrown into development hell to sit there and burn for all eternity, and while some games make it out, some don’t and this is where my list of games comes in.

Here are some of the biggest game announcements that never materialized into anything at all.

Dead Island 2

You know when there is that game that gets announced and everyone is super-hyped for it. Pre-orders go up and the release date is so close to the initial announcement that you know it is going to release? Well, Dead Island 2 is that game. Back when the PS4 was announced Dead Island 2 was one of those games that announced along with it. Sony put the pre-order pages up on the PlayStation Store and you could pre-purchase the game and everything. Yes, it was almost as if the game was actually going to release until it didn’t

Months went by and the December 2014 release date placeholder stood as a beacon of light among the crowded games on the console. We hoped and prayed that it would make it but alas the store listing disappeared and the game was not seen or heard of again. Since then Dead Island 2 has been that game that we don’t want to talk about, but when we do it makes us all sad. Last we heard of the game was Deep Silver saying that it is “very much alive” and this was back in May this year. I suggest we just erase that epic trailer from our minds and stick to other things perhaps.


To think that Rockstar was actually working on something that was not GTA or Red Dead related. No wonder it never made it out of development. Back in 2009 Rockstar announced a new 1930s inspired spy game that would take place during the Cold War. Of course, gamers went wild, as this not only meant that there was a new PS3 exclusive coming from the best studio in the world, but it was a game created by the best studio in the world too.

It was almost like the development of the game suddenly smashed into a brick wall and halted immediately as Agent was never seen or heard of again from Rockstar themselves. The only times we have seen the game is when concept art leaks from a developer who worked on the game back then and put it up as a showreel. Agent is not happening, and I doubt we will ever see it come out of the Rockstar development house and that is one of the most tragic stories in gaming.



During the development of Dying Light, the team at Techland, yes, the same guys working on Dead Island 2, announced an awesome-looking medieval hack and slash FPS Elser Scrolls-inspired game. This was probably one game I was quite excited to get my hands on as it was everything we loved about fantasy RPGs, but with the Dying Light feel to it. Hellraid was announced in 2013 and it looked pretty great from the gameplay that we all saw, but the developers did not think so.

In late 2014 Techland announced that they were putting the game’s development on hold as the focus on building a better and more immersive Hellraid game. The plan was to go back to the drawing board and start fresh. Since then we have not seen or heard anything about the game, but the studio continues to work on their 4-year old game Dying Light. Hellraid marks the second game from the studio to never make it to release in the space of a year. Maybe it is a sign?

Alpha Colony

In 2012 when Kickstarter was all the rage, Alpha Colony was listed as a game that was said to merge CATAN and M.U.L.E into an awesome video game concept. It was exciting as Kickstarter back then was not as saturated as today and everything was heavily focused on and in the spotlight. The game ran in the crowd-funding system for a couple of months with a fairly decent goal of $50,000.

Come the cut off time for the game, you will never believe it but it was short just $28 to be fully funded. Yes, $28 which is about a day worth of grocery shopping for food. The game then never made it out of development, but according to the developer Christopher Williamson, it was a “good thing” as they actually needed $100,000 to make the game a reality but dropped it after realizing that the expectations were too high. $50,000 would never have been enough to bring the game to live so now it lives in that fiery place where other games rarely make it out of.

StarCraft: Ghost

Blizzard making a standalone spin-off experience based on the StarCraft series? Well, I never! No wonder StarCraft Ghost never happened. Back in 2002 Blizzard announced a new game based on the StarCraft world for the PS2 and, GameCube, and Xbox. The game was as real as we believed it to be, or well, how Blizzard made it look. Slowly as development continued for the anticipated title, it faded away. Blizzard first announced they were canning the GameCube version in 2005, and then a few months later announced that the game was on “indefinite hold”.

This third person shooter was said to give the players a closer and more personal view of the StarCraft universe as it followed Nova, a Terran psychic espionage operative also known as “Ghost”. The game was four years after the events of StarCraft: Brood War and it would have expanded the lore and universe beyond anything that the series had seen back in the day. If Blizzard will ever release this is not clear, but we hope.

Do you remember any more games that you wanted to play and never got to it because of the fiery bit of Development Hell? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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5 video games still stuck in development hell

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