10 of the greatest crossovers in gaming

Video game Crossovers

If 2017 teaches us anything it is that when two video game worlds collide magic happens.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was an epic game that I could simply not put down and after I was done I sat and reflected on all the awesome crossovers that have happened over the past decade or so.

These games managed to merge two fantastic video game series into one and create something very unique and rare. If you have never played any decent game like this then never fear, here are some of the greatest ever made.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is not only my favourite crossover in gaming but it is also my favourite series of all time too. For me, it represents the best of both worlds being Disney and Final Fantasy.

Both these franchises come together in the game to create a stunning RPG filled with Disney worlds to explore and Final Fantasy characters to meet.

Kingdom Hearts is around fifteen years old and it still stays true to its core.

Square Enix has successfully merged the two worlds into one without compromising on Disney’s light-hearted joy and Final Fantasy’s magical RPG experiences.

Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe

Injustice might be the fighting game of the year, but back on the PS3 we had two awesome fighting games combine into a fantastic combat explosion – Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe.

The game had all our favourite characters from both the DC and Mortal Kombat series in one package and of course gore for days.

The game was praised for its story mode that saw you play the game from two different perspectives. Each level split into different chapters and in the end, each fighter had their chance to win you over.

It still goes down as one of the best DC fighters ever made.

Mario + Sonic Olympic Games

Whenever there is a major Olympic event taking place somewhere around the world, Nintendo and SEGA make sure that there is a Mario and Sonic game to go along with it.

The game is kind of a spin-off to the Mario Party games whereas each player competes in different mini games to beat the other players.

While the game is party game, each mini game is based on the sports at the Olympic Games. All the characters are also hand picked from the Mario and Sonic series so all the personalities are present and ready to compete for the gold medals.

Marvel Vs Capcom

Marvel Vs Campcom was my favourite childhood fighting game and still today it is a timeless brawler.

The game took all our favourite Marvel heroes and villains and combined them with Capcom’s roster of awesome characters, along with adding in some over-the-top fighting and super moves in a flawless fighting experience.

Marvel Vs Capcom simply works, no matter how “out there” the game’s mechanics feel and the roster is. The game is a fast and fluid fighting experience that manages to make all the characters feel unique and powerful, whether they have super powers or not.

This year’s Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite could be one of the best in the series and I cannot wait to get hold of it.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

While Sony’s Super Smash brawler clone was a one-hit wonder, it still managed to bring together PlayStation’s best characters into one awesome fighting game.

Sure, it was a blatant clone, but why would you not want to choose from the likes of Ratchet and Clank, Nariko, Dante, Jak, and more, and head into battle against your friends to pummel them to shreds?

PlayStation Battle Royale had the best characters from all our favourite PlayStation exclusives in one game and more, and the levels, soundtracks, attacks, and objects ranged from every series out there too.

It was a fantastic love letter to all fans that was beautifully presented in typical Sony standards.

Super Smash Bros

The Super Smash Bros series has been around for a while now and every new entry the game gets better and better. This past addition on the Wii U packed the biggest roster in the series while including some new faces across the Nintendo series.

Why even Cloud from Final Fantasy VII was in it. Heaven only knows why he would be included in a Nintendo Wii U game, but I am not complaining.

Super Smash Bros is the definition of a perfect crossover and Nintendo continues to push the envelope every time they release a sequel to it.

I cannot even imagine how it would grow and expand further into the Nintendo game library and beyond as the years go by.

Sonic All Stars Racing

The world lacks decent kart racers nowadays as we were spoilt for choice over the PS3 era. Sure we have Mario Kart now, but that is about it.

Back then Sonic All Star Racing was one of the best in the series and still is one of my favourite SEGA games ever made. The game saw various games and characters from the best SEGA series race it out across themed tracks all in a beautiful looking game.

Characters included Metal Sonic, Knights, Ai-Ai, Alex and Kidd and more. Each track was based off the same character’s origin game too so it was just a giant SEGA explosion of awesome.

While SEGA released a sequel to the original game Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, the original is still the best in the series by far.

Soul Calibur

It has been a few years since the last Soul Calibur entry but I am sure we will get a new one soon with a brand new list of crossovers added to it. The series has been known for its awesome crossovers that are very unconventional.

The series has had numerous cameos that have been great to experience. Kratos from God of War, Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, and let us not forget the two best ones, Darth Vader and Master Yoda from Star Wars.

Each new game came with a set of cameos that had nothing to do with the story but were rather just additional fighters to take into the arena with you.

The best of them so far was the Darth Vader and Master Yoda roster that had the PS3 and Xbox 360 each have their own timed-exclusive fighter.

Darth was black and perfectly fitted the PS3’s original design, and Yoda on the Xbox 360 was green. Need I say more?

Dissidia Final Fantasy

While the Kingdom Hearts series tries very hard to include all the Final Fantasy heroes in the game, sometimes Square Enix neglects them a little.

However, there is always Dissidia Final Fantasy, a fast-paced brawler that sees you take control of the main characters in the Final Fantasy series and head into an open area to beat other characters up. Sounds like a ball right?

Well, it is as the game drops all the turn-based combat we have known in the series for a button bashing version where you can fly around, perform awesome attacks, and even summon the infamous ancient beings from all the games past.

Levels are all based on the thirteen or so games, and the soundtrack is also hand-picked from it all.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Last but certainly not least we have the Rabbids and Mario mash up of this year. The Rabbids have been known for their extreme annoyance and of course their craziness. They are so insane that they even have their own TV show and Ubisoft simply loves them to bits.

When they find a way into Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom, all hell breaks loose as they become a version of our favourite Super Mario characters.

Rabbid Peach loves selfies, and Rabbid Luigi is clumsy as always. Mario now teams up to find the root of all this combining of worlds and hopefully bring calm back to the kingdom.

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10 of the greatest crossovers in gaming

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