Biggest video game trailers this week

The gaming world moves pretty damn fast, but thankfully, it’s the weekend and that means you have a chance to catch up on everything that went down this past week.

So grab your popcorn, fill up your drink, and sit back, because we’ve rounded up the biggest and best game trailers that you need to see this weekend:

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  • WookieJebus

    On Shadow of War: I absolutely loved the first one, and I am sure I will love this one, but I’m going to have to pirate it out of principle. They want you to shell out a grand for the base game, and then still have the audacity to make it a pay 2 win?
    That’s just pathetic. Please understand that I have no problem paying for games, but either have me buy the game outright or pay 2 win, you can’t have both sides, we won’t stand for it.

Biggest video game trailers this week

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