10 supporting video game characters that need their own games

Ciri The Witcher 3

Spinoffs are nothing new in gaming as we see them happening all the time. There is a popular supporting character that plays a big role in someone else’s story but they never truly get the spotlight they deserve. Sometimes these supporting characters are more loveable than the main one and we connect with them on more levels than the protagonist. With that being said, here are some awesome supporting characters that totally deserve their own game.

Victor Sullivan “Sully” – Uncharted Series

Chloe and Nadine have had their time to shine and while I am all “power to the females” Sully has enough baggage on him to make a decent spinoff too. Sully meets Drake when he is thirteen years of age and that is probably the earliest part of Sully’s life that we see in the game. Very little is known about his past and family and how and why he got into the treasure hunting life in the first place which would make for a great setting for a game. Before he meets Drake before he gets into illegal scams. What did Sully do and what parts of the world did he explore? Find out in Uncharted: Sully’s Fortune.


Axel – Kingdom Hearts

Now a keyblade wielder after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D, Axel has been a predominant figure in the Kingdom Hearts series since the first spinoff in the series, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. A member of Organization XIII and a Nobody, Axel supposedly gave his life to save Sora during a tough encounter in Kingdom Hearts II. He is now alive so how did that happen? Do I smell a spinoff in the making here? We all know how Square Enix loved pulling something apart and putting it back together how they see fit and Axel’s strong character presence in the series could make a perfect spinoff.


Ciri – The Witcher 3

Yes, I know. The Witcher series has been based on books and I get that but dream a little here. At the end of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Ciri departs as a Witcher, depending on what story you get that is, and that means she is an open book now and anything can happen to her. It is also important to note that she is a pretty kickass heroine and has some great powers and combat skills that could basically just be copied into a new game to use. I would love to explore a whole new land as Ciri. Teleporting all over the battleground to flash back and slice some Griffin’s head off. Please tell me I am not the only one.


Jeanne – Bayonetta

Jeanne is no doubt one of the most iconic characters in the Bayonetta series. Heiress to the Umbra Witches and Bayonetta’s best friend and rival, she was responsible for sealing away Bayonetta five hundred years ago. There are quite a few missing story gaps in Jeanne’s timeline that could be filled with a great spinoff or solo chapter in the upcoming Bayonetta 3. We know that she befriends Bayonetta at the end of the first game and becomes a school teacher in her spare time but the danger is always close and she could do with some spotlight on her side activities. I know the series is called Bayonetta but I feel that Jeanne has become a crucial part of the story and a standalone story would really help players connect with her even more. Not to mention she is just as hardcore as Bayonetta.


Issun – Okami

Issun is a tiny little person that travels with Amaterasu in Okami. At first, we all thought he was a bug but that was not the case. Instead, Issun is a talking little Poncle, a tiny race of humanoids and he acts as Amaterasu’s voice throughout the game. He is also a womanizer at heart and falls in love with every female they meet along the way. Throughout Okami, he grows on the player as he becomes a lovable, yet very rude companion. Issun is also fierce in his own way as he wields a sword, that does not do much due to it being the size of a toothpick, but he tries anyway. Now imagine Okami’s gorgeous art style but shrunk down to a size that allows us to live through a world of Issun and they way he sees everything. He is a master swordsman which already makes him ready to fight off any looming threat and his unique personality, and ability to talk (unlike Amaterasu) would make a great spinoff in the series.


GLaDOS – Portal

GLaDOS is by far my favourite villain in gaming and its thanks to her personality that we have all fallen in love with her. GlaDOS first appeared in the first Portal game and graced us all with her hate for the player. Throwing shade at us throughout the game and making us feel less than dirt was her main goal and she succeeded. GLaDOS’ best trait is her ability to control the devices and machinery in the game that includes portals jump pads and even turrets. Now imagine if GLaDOS had to get her own game where we as the player could set up these portal puzzle rooms for the player and it would our goal to make sure they are tested to the end of their wits and self-esteem. I think it would make for a pretty humorous experience.


Alyx Vance – Half-Life

I know I am asking for the impossible, given that we have yet to play a new Half-Life game in over ten years but we are dreaming here and my dreams include Alyx Vance having her own unique story that plays into a Half-Life spinoff in some way or another. Alyx plays a major role in the series and as a member of the resistance, she helps fight back against the Combine. Although we know much about her childhood and what led her to be a fighter today, it would be a crime to not experience her past years in some form. Perhaps it would give us even more insight into the Combine Empire and their origin. If anything, it would help us bond even more with her father so we could cry all over again at the end of Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

Alyx Vance

Glenn the Frog – Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger still stands as one of the greatest RPGs of all time and its character roster was the main reason why. The game was filled with lovable people, creatures and machines that we could not help but love. Many of the characters are so well realized that they could all do with their own game, to be honest, but one of them, in particular, is Glenn. A once human knight now trapped in an amphibian’s body due to a curse, Frog does not give up his dream of returning back to his original form. He plays a major role in Chrono Trigger but the game does not shine much light on him becoming a Frog in the first place. This would be the perfect setting for a spinoff where Glen becomes a frog and perhaps sets out on a quest to heal himself and destroy the curse.

Glenn the Frog

Zelda – The Legend of Zelda

As much as we all love Link, don’t you think it is about time Zelda proves that she is not just a pretty face? We all know Zelda is capable of much more given our small taste of her alter ego, Sheik back in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time so why not give her a chance to have her own adventure? Sheik: The Master Ninja or something along those lines seen as she does possess qualities of a ninja thanks to her appearance and use of Deku Nuts to vanish instantly. It would be a step in a different direction to have a standalone game but I doubt anyone would complain seen as we all give Sheik way too much attention after only appearing in one game.


Waluigi – Nintendo

Shame, to be one of the only Nintendo characters to ever play supporting roles must be hard. Wario has had his own game, Bowser has been a predominant role in the RPG series, and even Toad has had his fair share of treasure tracking adventures. Waluigi has never had his chance to shine and it is a waste of a character in my opinion. We need a game where he can be him, whoever he is given we know very little about him. Perhaps Wario and Waluigi get their own game together and they set off to save Peach from Bowser because Mario is on holiday? I don’t know. Anything right now would help bring this poor soul to life.


What gaming characters do you think need their own spinoff? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 supporting video game characters that need their own games

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