Serious Sam 3: BFE review roundup

Devolver Digital’s Serious Sam franchise was never meant to be taken seriously, and has become famous for delivering the kind of humour injected old-school shooter fun that made the original Duke Nukem games so popular back in the 90’s.

Many would argue that the tone inherent in games like Serious Sam is dated and no longer relevant. Obviously Gearbox (Duke Nukem Forever) did not get that memo, and neither has the developer behind Serious Sam 3: BFE.

The difference is that while we can all agree that Duke Nukem: Forever was a depressing and poor attempt to milk an iconic franchise, Serious Sam 3 has for the most part been received quite well.

1UP gave it 91, saying it “deserves to be played: and Destructoid called it “a lot of fun indeed. A lot of backbreaking, grueling, soul-destroying fun.”

The game sits on a Metacritic score of 71/100 with a user score 8.9/10.

Here is what reviewers have had to say about Serious Same 3: BFE, which is now available on Steam for $39.99 (R340).

1UP A-

Serious Sam 3 is a game that deserves to be played, because it shows what shooters were and could have been. It shows that there’s more to the genre than what AAA developers have shown us in the past decade.  Read more

Destructoid  85/100

It’s a lot of fun indeed. A lot of backbreaking, grueling, soul-destroying fun. Read more

The Escapist 80/100

A few weaker sections do little to tarnish the fun of this old-school rooted shooter. Read more

Strategy Informer 8/10

I am extremely glad of Serious Sam 3’s existence. It serves as a timely reminder of how shooters don’t need to be highly restrictive rollercoasters that heavily manipulate the player in order to create intensity and epic spectacle. Read more

Joystiq 4/5

It seems odd to slam Serious Sam 3 for a lack of restraint, especially if you’ve spent space arguing that it’s not as mindless as it appears. So, a piece of advice, rather: play it in spurts, play it with friends in sixteen-player co-op, and shoot many monsters. Read more

Game Informer 78/100

I can see a certain subset of nostalgic shooter fans having a total blast with Serious Sam 3, but you have to be pretty enthusiastic about old-school co-op shooting to get your $40 worth out of the game. Read more

Serious Sam 3 gore

IGN 7/10

Serious Sam 3: BFE will ultimately exhaust its players by virtue of its screen-filling mega-confrontations, its non-stop repetition and the sense that you are almost always mercilessly outgunned. Sam 3 is good but could have been better. Read more

Eurogamer 7/10

Serious Sam 3 does what it set out to do and nothing more. A faithful and heartfelt ode to old-school FPS carnage, it certainly delivers the dumb fun that Duke Nukem Forever so dismally failed to recapture – and that, for many retro-heads, will be more than enough. Read more

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Serious Sam 3: BFE review roundup

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