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Imagine a world where you no longer require physical devices to access information, media, knowledge or even skills. It’s actually not that hard, and you could probably even argue that we are not far off.

Syndicate paints a world where civilians volunteer to have microchips implanted in their brains. These microchips allow them to access a wide selection of services, but they come at a price. The Syndicates that implant the chips and manage the services are able to exert subtle control over individuals, and also gain insights into the most private corners of their participants minds.

Without proper government moderation, the Syndicates have free reign over society, and are constantly at war with each other. At the forefront of this war, are the Syndicate Agents: bio-engineered and chip-augmented super-humans. That’s who you play in Syndicate, and yes, it does bear a strong resemblance to Deus Ex.

Syndicate is a reboot of Bullfrog’s iconic tactical shooter, although the modern re-imagining is a shooter. Unlike its progenitor, Syndicate (2012) is being released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and becomes available in SA this Friday, 24 Feb.



In the meantime, since the game is already out in the US, here is what the big dogs have had to say about Starbreeze’s attempt at breathing life back into an old classic.

Giant Bomb 5/5

The smart players will rise to the challenge and feel like they’ve been appropriately rewarded for their prowess. The campaign gives you a great look at an interesting world, though its abrupt, too-clean ending feels out of place. It’s a somewhat disappointing reward for an otherwise exciting adventure that puts a terrific and fun spin on first-person shooting. Read more

GameTrailers 8.2/10

Syndicate has a lot of ideas, but seems unwilling to let some of them out of the bag, instead parading them around at key moments, while some mechanics, like running through weak walls, never amounting to much. Read more

Joystiq 4/5

Syndicate manages to mesh the spirit of the old with the style of the new. It’s not the return some fans would have hoped for, but it expands the franchise into new territory where business is booming. Read more



Game Informer 8/10

Electronic Arts has resurrected the franchise after many years, transforming it from an isometric strategy game to a first-person shooter. If you’re a hardcore superfan of the original who has an issue with this decision, nothing anyone says is going to change your mind. But if you’re open to an FPS reinterpretation with loads of references to the old games, or if you’ve never heard of Syndicate and like sci-fi shooters, this may be the game for you. Read more

Gamespot 7.5/10

Syndicate’s cooperative play is undeniably thrilling. Too bad the single-player campaign doesn’t reach the same heights. Read more

IGN 7.5/10

Grabbing three friends and battling for corporate supremacy online is well worth your time, but don’t expect to be wowed by playing alone. Read more



Eurogamer 7/10

Syndicate is a game struggling to be all things to all people and underselling its strongest points in the process. The story is a perfunctory thing, worth playing once for the robust gunplay, but it fails to make Syndicate stand out from the cyberpunk herd. Read more

Destructoid 6.5/10

It’s a videogame about guns that pretends to be something deeper while striving for nothing more. If you keep that in mind, and you’re happy to play along, you’ll get what you paid for…But you won’t get anything else. Read more

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Syndicate review roundup

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