Win Dirt Showdown with AMD

Without gamers, AMD would have little purpose, and to that end, our friends at AMD South Africa have provided three Dirt Showdown PC (Steam) keys to give away to the MyGaming community.

AMD invests time, money and support in developers such as Codemasters to create an optimised gaming experience for AMD hardware.

Dirt Showdown is loosely based on the ever popular Colin McRae Rally Dirt series, developed by Codemasters. This time they have ditched the rally-esque format of special stage routes for a rather electrifying fan-based entertainment spectacle.

Placing a heavy emphasis on Gymkhana and more unconventional racing modes, Showdown should gives the franchise another reason to stand-out in the racing genre.

MyGaming’s Lee Joseph said in his Dirt Showdown review:

It’s pure, simple fun which is something that’s lacking in many arcade racers today. Codemasters have nailed what Showdown set out to achieve; to be a no-frills, all fun spin off from Dirt.

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To enter the competition, head on over to the MyGaming competition forum for details.

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Win Dirt Showdown with AMD

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