5 games that better be in the Steam Summer sale

If you’re like me, then you’ve been opening up Steam a lot more often than usual lately. That’s because any day now Valve should be kicking off its annual Steam Sale. It’s worth noting here that due to these sales, I’ve not played roughly 30% of the games in my Steam library.

The sale is expected to go live any day now, although Valve remains adamant about not giving us any clues on when to expect its arrival. In response to all the anticipation and internet commotion around the sale, they did drop this gem of insight yesterday:

So it’s definitely coming.

Which brings me to the point of this article. There are a handful of games that I’m hoping to see reduced during the sale. Some of these are games I really wanted but just didn’t get round to buying when they were released, while others are games that intriguied me but did not quite convince me that they are worth their full RRP.

Max Payne 3

Current price: $59.99.
What I’m hoping for: $29.99 (50% off).

I was knees deep in Diablo III when this was released, and by the time Blizzard’s long awaited RPG sequel lost its charm (7 days), I didn’t feel like investing any more time in nostalgia fuelled digital escapism. Despite highly positive feedback, and a Metacritic score of 89/100, I just couldn’t bring myself to part with R500 for Rockstar’s action-thriller.

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Max Payne 3

Anno 2070

Current price: $49.99.
What I’m hoping for: $19.99 (60% off).

I was a massive fan of Anno 1404 – when I reviewed it I gave a score of 90/100. Anno 2070 received further acclaim, and I’m not really sure how I ended up not owning it. So suffice to say, if it lands up on Steam at a reduced price in the next few weeks, I’m gonna snap it up.

Anno 2070

Anno 2070

Might & Magic: Heroes VI

Current price: $49.99.
What I’m hoping for: $19.99 (60% off).

Another sequel that somehow slipped past me, Heroes VI received mostly positive feedback, earning a Metacritic score of 77/100.

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Might & Magic Heroes VI

From Dust

Current price: $14.99.
What I’m hoping for: $9.99 (33% off).

I know what you’re thinking: it’s already cheap as chips. From Dust appealed to me ages ago when I originally saw the preview, but then when it was released it somehow failed to convince me to part with my cash. I’ll be picking this up pretty soon, regardless of whether it gets any love on the Steam Summer sale. It currently sits with a Metacritic score of 76/100.

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From Dust

Arma II: Combined Operations

Current price: $29.99.
What I’m hoping for: $19.99 (33% off).

There is one reason I want this pack: the DayZ Mod. It’s a user created Arma II mod that turns the war simulator in a multiplayer, zombie apocalypse survival shooter. How can you not want this?

Which games do you hope make it onto the Steam Summer Sale? Let us know in the comment below and on the MyGaming forum.

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5 games that better be in the Steam Summer sale

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