Linux gaming: It’s not all bad

Linux users are often given the cold shoulder by gaming companies, and have to resort to running emulators to play most titles. There are however numerous examples of successful mainstream titles that have found a happy home with Linux gamers.

Heroes of Newerth

Perhaps the first recent title that will pop into the mind of Linux lovers is the upcoming Heroes of Newerth (HoN). The action RPG from S2 games was inspired by the wildly popular WarCraft 3 custom map, Defence of the Ancients, and is currently in beta testing. A Linux build supporting both 32 and 64 bit binaries is available.

Savage 2

Another action RPG from S2 Games – it is free to download and play, with an option to upgrade to a prime account for US$9.99 (±R75). The prime account gives the player the option to play as a battlefield commander, two additional inventory slots, and the ability to view statistics among other benefits. Currently has a 75/100 score on

Quake Live

Quake III has enjoyed Linux support forever, and now the popular and free browser-based version of the classic FPS has been updated with Linux support. Unfortunately, high latencies make this a moot point for local gamers. 

Quake 4

True to id software form, the sequel to Quake II didn’t leave the Linux gamers hanging. Not a bad FPS by many accounts, it has a score of 81/100 on

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

The second multiplayer only FPS from id software, Enemy Territory was well received and currently sits with an 84/100 score on The game is set in the Quake 2 and Quake 4 universe, and has players joining either the alien Strogg or Human marines’ teams in a multiplayer battle.

Neverwinter Nights

This well received RPG saw a Linux port released in June 2003. The game is still highly playable despite its age, and is considered one of the best PC RPG’s based on 3rd Edition D&D rules. The game has a score of 91/100 on


This quirky title developed by a small UK based indie developer Introversion was well received, and it was released with native Linux support. The game is still popular to this day, with an updated version scheduled for release on Xbox Live. It has 84/100 on Unfortunately, the multiplayer version, Multiwinia, has no Linux port as of yet.


Another Introversion release, and self-described as “The world’s first genocide ‘em up.” The game involves global inter-continental warfare using a vast array of ballistic weaponry. The winner is the one who deals the most death, whilst taking the least casualties. Just like the real world. 84/100 on


Rounding off the offerings from Introversion is Uplink, the company’s first release. The game has players taking on the role of an Uplink agent, a super-hacker who can shift the delicate balance of global political and economic systems with a few strokes of the keys. 75/100 on

Keep the faith

Most of the older titles on this list can be picked up in discount bins for around R100.

The arrival of HoN and the announcement by id developer Timothee Besset that he will be overseeing a Linux build of the idTech 5 3D engine are both a huge boost for the Linux gaming community.

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  • Scary

    Uplink kicks ass

  • reece

    Don't forget that there are a set of good open source games available – Widelands; 0 A.D.; and Battle for Wesnoth, among others. Then there is the Penumbra series, World of Goo and several other casual games from that are available for linux. Phoronix also has good coverage of some of the latest developments.

  • Hyeron

    And that's not counting DooM³ as well as its mods either.

  • Zero-g

    A pc is a pc is a pc, whether the game is running on directx or opengl it's still ur machine doing it. I don't get it, why don't more game designers support Linux? Apple's getting into the gaming scene big time with their iPhone and hiring as many game programmers as possible and that's a BSD fork so essentially another Linux distro…

  • janidotux

    Please look at Word of Goo. This game recently published some results of their program "Paid any value for this game" from $0.01 up to what you want. Linux users paid an average price above all other OS users (Windows Mac OS), and were about 15% of all downloads.

  • b0b

    Call of Pripyat and Borderlands are good..oh running in Wine.:)

  • Jukka

    There's also Ankh, Ankh 2 and Jack Keane from RuneSoft (

Linux gaming: It’s not all bad