Unreal engine running on HTML 5

Unreal Engine

Epic Games has achieved in running the company’s impressive Unreal Engine on HTML 5 browsers.

In order to do this impressive feat, Epic has utilised a new technology that is based on the latest existing web standards. The browser requires Web GL and JavaScript to run the demo.

Epic is able to achieve running Unreal on HTML 5 by using emscripten to port C and C++ code to asm.js, which basically means that they’ve squished and compiled all the fancy code to run smoothly on JavaScript.

This allows for the JavaScript code to run at double the speed of its native performance, allowing for the complexities of a high-end game engine (like Unreal Engine 3) to run on a browser.

Firefox Nightly (version 23 or higher) is recommended to run the Unreal demo, Epic Citadel HTML 5, but other browsers which meet the requirements will work.

Epic listed some browsers, and the problems they’re currently experiencing:

  • Nightly Firefox is recommended, and can be downloaded at http://nightly.mozilla.org/.
  • Release Firefox will function, however it is slower than Firefox Nightly.
  • Chrome currently crashes, but is expected to be resolved by the Chrome team soon.
  • Internet Explorer does not support WebGL in current versions.
  • Opera WebGL must be manually activated, however it is not currently compatible with Epic Citadel.
  • Safari WebGL must be manually activated. While Epic Citadel is not currently compatible with Safari, we are investigating adding support in the future.

With Unreal Engine 3 successfully running through a browser, it opens up a number of opportunities to bring more high-end games to web browsers, and in turn, to tablets and mobile devices.

To play the Epic Citadel demo, check out the Unreal Engine page.

Source: Unreal Engine

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Unreal engine running on HTML 5

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