Local developer releases Bounty Arms demo

The demo for a locally developed game, Bounty Arms, is now available for free download, and is being hosted locally by Telkom’s DoGaming portal.

“Bounty Arms is an old-school 3d side-scrolling action game that utilizes modern technology from the Unreal Engine 3. Over the course of the final game you gather power-ups that hugely alter your character and weapon arsenal, travel across the galaxy to many different worlds, unlock hidden doors to secrets, join with new comrades, fight the multitude of varying enemies that each world will bring, and defeat the bosses that rule them. Currently only a single player demo but final game will be co-op 4 players in the future,” reads the game’s official blurb.

Users will currently require Unreal Tournament 3 (UT3) due to the fact that in its current state the game is technically an UT3 mod. This limitation will soon be removed, and developer Open-reset plans to release the game as a standalone package.

Our initial impressions of the game were very positive. Developer Open-reset has done an excellent job, and Bounty Arms is looking on par with what gamers would expect from international developers. The demo code demonstrates solid looking physics, rich textures and gorgeous lighting affects.

The game allows players to upgrade their characters and customise their weapon selection. Even in its early stages, Bounty Arms is looking promising, and the fact that Open-Reset built all the in-game content from scratch is impressive. The developers have designed over 700 unique textures, 315 models and over 70 unique animations for the game.

Watch the Bounty Arms gameplay video on MyGaming.

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  • gerard

    go local boyzzz!!! I'm gonna download and buy it later if it's good.

    Come on guyz lets support local devs

  • Thirt13n

    Looks good! Go SA!

  • BlaZe

    Such good news, keep this rolling 😀

  • Blackhand

    I didn't even know there was a local dev! Best of luck guys and bring games development to SA!

Local developer releases Bounty Arms demo