Pay what you want for Alan Wake Collector’s Edition

Alan Wake

The Humble Bundle crew are continuing their Humble Weekly Sale special by bringing a little light into the darkness.

For the next week, the Humble Weekly Sale features a heavy dose of Alan Wake, as you’ll get the Alan Wake Collector’s Edition and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for, well, whatever you’re prepared to pay.

The Humble Weekly Sale works with the same pay-what-you-want DRM-free model of previous Indie Bundles, but obviously now offering some top-tier games. The amount you pay can be distributed to some charities – so its gaming for a good cause.

Both games also feature the soundtracks – which are pretty damn good, by the way.

There are still 6 days to get the jump on the deal, so get cracking if you’re down for some Alan Wake action.

Source: Humble Bundle

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Pay what you want for Alan Wake Collector’s Edition

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