Skyrim mod created as Bethesda job application

Skyrim Falskaar

In order to try and get a job at Bethesda, a 19-year old has created a massive mod for Skyrim which adds more than 25 hours of gameplay to the open-world RPG.

Alexander Velicky is the young man behind the mod, Falskaar, and put in around 2,000 hours of work in order to create the mod.

Falskaar even recorded some unique audio, and got 29 actors on board to help produce the new dialogue. An original score by Adamm Khuevrr was also added to the game.

“I did this because I love game design, it’s my life, and I want a job at Bethesda Game Studios as a level designer,” said Velicky. “This was for you, Bethesda. I’ll be applying for a job there very soon; I just hope they are as impressed as you guys seem to be,” added Velicky, speaking of the feedback from the community.

Velicky’s Falskaar is available at Nexus Mods.

Source: Nexus Mods

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  • Wilko Olles

    Will you guys follow up on this? Would be interesting to know if he eventually does land a job at Bethesda. I hope he does.

  • Seagram Pearce

    Agreed. I remember (what feels like forever ago) that Blizzard used to be the “cool” company to do things like that. Giving huge fans internships, etc. I know I even sent stuff to them in the hopes that they’d notice me. At the time I wanted to be a CGI/VFX artist. But ended up being a photographer instead. 😛

  • Seagram Pearce

    ps: Great, thanks, now all I want to do is play Skyrim again. I have work to do… *sigh*

  • Hendrico Booysen

    I’ve been playing with this mod for a little bit, it’s actually not bad. the kid has talent, it just needs to be molded

  • Ed Foulds

    Good luck to him, hope he lands the job

Skyrim mod created as Bethesda job application

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