Desktop Dungeons release date set

South African-made dungeon crawler, Desktop Dungeons, finally has a release date – November 7, available through Steam.

Originally expected to launch on 17 October 2011, the game has faced numerous delays as developers, QCF Design, worked to iron out bugs, tweak elements and further balance their masterpiece – all while adding new features and visuals to the game.

Coming from humble beginnings, Desktop Dungeons won the design award at IGF 2011, where it managed to beat out the likes of Minecraft, Faraway and Super Crate Box.

Developers QCF Design took home a prize purse of US$2500 (±R17,260), after famously taking to the stage to accept the award and saying “We kind of didn’t write a speech because of Minecraft.”

The game was also nominated for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, but ultimately Minecraft came out on top in that category.

According to QCF, once the dust settles over from the PC and Steam release of the game, and the versions are stable, the developers will be setting their eyes to mobile.

For those of you who haven’t been playing the closed beta for the past few years – or haven’t heard of this SA-born gem yet – you can get the fully-released Desktop Dungeons on Steam from 7 November, for US$15.00 (±R150).

The game also comes in a Special Edition at US$25.00 (±R245), which includes a unique character class, extra challenges and another bonus which QCF are yet to announce.

You can also pre-order the game right now from the game’s site for US$13.50 (±R135) – or US$22.50 (±R220) for Special Edition – and get a Steam Key on release.

People who have pre-ordered already will also get Steam keys.

You can view the launch trailer right here:

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Desktop Dungeons release date set

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