IndieDB launched

As any PC gaming mod maniac will know, ModDB is a great website with convenient access to all the latest and greatest mods out there. Not content to rest on their laurels, the ModDB crew has also been working on Desura, a modification and game delivery platform, and have recently launched IndieDB.

The official blog has this to say: “Over the past few months we have been hard at work expanding our community and exploring ways to help game developers reach new fans and interact. Now we present a shiny new website that will expand our audience in a very exciting direction.”

“IndieDB is dedicated to the communities and developers of independent games and has been designed from the ground up to help dev’s promote their hard work to the right people. Just like with ModDB, IndieDB is a user generated database with a heavy focus on community interactions. We give you (fans and game developers) the tools and means to showcase your project however you please, be that through detailed blog posts, as your projects official homepage or even as just another release mirror.”

This is great news for indie gaming fans and developers alike, as it emerged at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference that many people were completely unaware that ModDB hosted indie games. Mosey on over the IndieDB and check out some of the cool games on offer.


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IndieDB launched