PC hardware sales continue free fall

PC sales continue to decline as confirmed by a report written by analyst firms Gartner and IDC.

Sales of PC shipments have declined by approximately 9.6% according to Gartner and approximately 11.5% according to IDC.

The continued decline has been attributed to a combination of factors, including competition from smartphones, longer hardware lifespans and several geo-political issues.

“All major regions showed year-over-year shipment declines, with Latin America showing the steepest drop, where PC shipments declined 32.4 percent. The Latin American PC market was intensely impacted by Brazil, where the problematic economy and political instability adversely affected the market”.


“The ongoing decline in U.S. PC shipments showed that the installed base is still shrinking, a factor that played across developed economies. Low oil prices drove economic contraction in Latin America and Russia, changing them from drivers of growth to market laggards.”


“PCs are not being adopted in new households as they were in the past, especially in emerging markets. In these markets, smartphones are the priority”.

This follows a 10.6% decline in PC shipments in 2015.

While hardware sales continue to fall, PC software sales are at an all-time high according to analysts.

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PC hardware sales continue free fall

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