New World War 1 Battlefield game revealed – trailer and details

Battlefield 1

DICE has unveiled the latest iteration of the Battlefield franchise, and it will focus on the conflict of World War I.

The latest Battlefield title was revealed in a dedicated livestream which showcased the new setting and gameplay mechanics.

The game will be titled Battlefield 1, symbolising a return to the roots of the series’ gameplay.

DICE debuted the Battlefield 1 trailer, which showcased in-engine footage of fast-paced World War I combat, featuring biplanes, cavalry, early tanks and airships.

Melee combat will be expanded to reflect the viability of close-quarters action in WWI battles.

Developers emphasized the grittiness and brutality of the upcoming title and have focused heavily on player immersion.

New features

The game will present players with a variety of new vehicles to pilot, some of which are the biggest ever featured in a Battlefield game.

New weapons will range from early flamethrowers and sniper rifles to shovels and bayonets.

The game will feature combat on land, sea and air – with players able to different types of boats, planes and even ride horses.

Battlefield 1 will also include a single player campaign which will be told from the perspective of several different protagonists.

Check out the trailer for Battlefield 1 below.

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New World War 1 Battlefield game revealed – trailer and details

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