Massive League of Legends banning controversy

League of Legends

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, has banned 3 teams from competitive play.

MonteCristo, the owner of the North American LCS (League Championship Series) team Renegades, tweeted that he was given 30 minutes notice before the ban was handed down.

The issue arose from Montecristo’s dealings with Chis Bawadi, a man who had previously been banned by Riot.

The Renegades have also come under heavy criticism for the supposedly poor treatment of its players.

TDK, a team that the Renegades had dealt and transferred players with, also received a ban as “some of the players were compensated and/or housed by their former teams even after the trade was completed, including payments for the month following the trade.”

The final team banned was Team Impulse, who were accused of missing contracts for players, and late payments to their players.

With the Champion series starting on 19 May, these three teams will no longer be allowed to compete in the competition, forcing them to sell their spots.

Riot Games has not yet provided comment on the bans.

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Massive League of Legends banning controversy

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