Here is how much a console-killer gaming PC costs in South Africa

Console killer pc

The weakening rand has had a big effect on South African gamers, with PC upgrades and console games becoming increasingly expensive.

Due to steep local hardware prices, we thought we would compare the prices of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with a similarly-performing custom-built PC.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are beginning to show their age in the era of Pascal GPUs and VR headsets, with both consoles possibly getting new iterations this year.

The hardware inside both consoles is no longer on the cutting-edge of gaming technology, but the relatively open design of the latest console generation allows users to compare specifications more easily.

PlayStation 4 console benchmark

In order to determine what hardware we should include in our console-killer build, we used the PlayStation 4’s specifications as a benchmark, as it has been clear for a while now that the PlayStation 4 has the most processing power out of the two devices.

The PlayStation 4 features a combined CPU and GPU with a Floating Point Performance of 1.84 TFLOPs. Single Rated Floating Point Performance is an accurate measure of the peak computational power of a device.

The PlayStation 4’s APU is based on a Radeon 7870 and features 1152 stream processors, sharing 8GB of GDDR5 unified memory with the rest of the PS4 motherboard.

We’ve put together the best parts on a budget to build a PC more powerful than the PlayStation 4 while maintaining reliability.

It is important to note that while many pre-built “console-killers” are offered by various online stores, most do not compete with PlayStation 4 and offer performance comparable to the less powerful Xbox One.

Check out the specifications of our console-killer build compared to the PlayStation 4 below:

Console-Killer PC vs PlayStation 4 Specifications
Console-Killer PC
PlayStation 4
Processor AMD A4-7300 @ 3.8GHz (R869) 8-core Jaguar APU @ 1.6GHz
Motherboard AsRock A55 FCH Hudson (R719) Custom
Memory Crucial 8GB DDR3 1,866MHz (R625) 8GB GDDR5
Graphics Card Gigabyte GTX 660 2GB GDDR5 (R2,485) 1152 Stream Unit APU
Storage WD Blue 1TB HDD 7200RPM (R899) 1TB 5400RPM
Case Cooler Master ATX (R513) Custom
OS Windows 10 Home (R1,399) Custom
PSU Corsair VS 450W (R616) Internal
Floating Point Performance 1.91 GPU TFLOPs 1.84 TFLOPs
Price R8,126 R6,499

The above build is a cheap custom-built challenger to the PlayStation 4 without sacrificing reliability and forward compatibility.

Although it does not beat it in terms of pricing (largely due to the massive cost of Windows 10), the PC easily outstrips the PS4 in performance, with its GeForce GTX 660 alone packing more power than the PlayStation 4’s unified APU.

PC versus PlayStation 4

The PC has the added advantage of discrete graphics and a much faster processor, clocking at more than twice the speed of the PlayStation 4’s 1.6GHz CPU.

Despite the weakness of our currency, South African gamers can still afford to switch to PC gaming from console gaming, as the PlayStation 4’s price no longer reflects its performance as well as it did at its launch.

A case could be argued for the console-killer build being cheaper than the PlayStation 4 over time due to cheaper games and free online play, but by the hardware alone, it is apparent that PC gaming is not the wildly expensive pipe-dream that some believe it to be – while the PlayStation 4 is also not nearly as over-priced as some PC gamers think.

Do you think you can build a gaming PC for less than the price of a console? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Here is how much a console-killer gaming PC costs in South Africa

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