8 times game studios nailed South African accents in games

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Uncharted 4 recently made headlines for its development studio’s choice for the voice actress and look of one of the games’s antagonists, Nadine Ross.

Ross speaks in a “South African” accent that doesn’t sound particularly convincing to my ear.

While there seems to be an unfortunate stereotype that there is only one South African accent (i.e. Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond), a few studios have done a great job with our accents.

Even elsewhere in Uncharted 4, mercenaries that work in Nadine Ross’ private military company speak with great Afrikaans accents.

Listed below are 7 instances where game studios used South African languages or accents and got it spot-on.

Uncharted 4 — Afrikaans men speaking English (Shoreline mercs)

The mercenaries from Nadine Ross’ private military company, Shoreline, all speak in Afrikaans accents.

Far Cry 2 — Zulu

The voice acting of the anonymous cab driver in Far Cry 2 is on point, not only nailing the accent but also the isiZulu slang he uses when admonishing another driver on the road.

Far Cry 2 — Afrikaans

Mercenaries in Far Cry 2 will shout at you and one another in Afrikaans.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain — Afrikaans

Metal Gear Solid V also features the Afrikaans language, even offering a quest to track down an Afrikaans interpreter.

Titanfall — Afrikaans man speaking English (Blisk)

Blisk is a South African mercenary who works under contract to one of the factions in Titanfall, and also speaks with an Afrikaans accent.

His voice actor, JB Blanc, is French.

Stasis — Afrikaans man speaking English (Dr Malan)

Stasis was developed by a South African studio called The Brotherhood, and features an antagonist who goes by Doctor Malan, who speaks with an Afrikaans accent.

Grey Goo — Afrikaans man speaking English

One of the races in real-time strategy game Grey Goo have Afrikaans accents.

Worms Armageddon — Afrikaans voice pack

So bad, it’s good.

FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa — Vuvuzelas

Although not technically an accent or voice, the immortal cry of the vuvuzela in EA’s 2010 FIFA World Cup game deserves an honourable mention.

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8 times game studios nailed South African accents in games

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