Classic PlayStation games that would make great PS4 releases

Arguably the greatest announcement at E3 2016 was the return of our old friend, Crash Bandicoot.

Sony broke the news that they will be bringing the entire original trilogy to PS4 and best of all, it will be built from the ground up.

This got me thinking about other games which I grew up with and adored and which could make the jump to PS4.

Spyro the Dragon

Seen as we are on trilogies, the PlayStation had another great trilogy in the form of our favourite childhood purple dragon named Spyro.

The series saw us fighting Ripto and his army of monsters across various worlds, each with their own look and unique feel.

When were weren’t burning open boxes to reveal gems, we were head-butting orcs in the stomach. Spyro was definitely one of the best platform games of its time.

The Legacy of Kain

Although my childhood was filled with the colour and joy of Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, there was a darker series which I loved.

The Legacy of Kain series was one of the darkest games on the PlayStation. Blood Omen saw you take the role of Kain the Vampire Lord, as you swept through lands of Nosgoth wreaking havoc in this hack and slash, Diablo-inspired game.

Later in the PlayStation’s lifecycle, the series returned with Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain. The game follows a demon vampire who was banished to the underworld and now exacts revenge on the one who killed him, Kain himself.


Dino Crisis

This Resident Evil-inspired game gave us all nightmares and made us all look at Jurassic Park a little differently.

Dino Crisis is set on a remote island where all the human-hungry dinosaurs have gotten loose and now want to kill everyone. You play as Regina, a special forces agent sent to investigate the island.

The game was filled with horror and some intense gunfights, from taking down a T-Rex through an office window to fighting off velociraptors in dark hallways.

If anything, the current gen hardware would make for a great setting for a re-release of this great series, and the fact that there were three games in total, makes it worth a re-release.



Who does not remember running around a land filled with pigs, biting them on their heads, and flipping them against walls? Tombi was everyone’s favourite pink-haired mascot, and his adventure was nothing like we ever experienced before.

The series saw us exploring lands taken over by the Evil Pigs, who resembled an element in the game. The Haunted Pig was found in a Haunted Woods, and Fire Pig was found in the volcano. You get what I am going on about here?

What started off as a journey to get back his gold bracelet back from the evil pigs, soon turned out to be one awesome ride through the life of Tombi and his most unusual adventure to stop evil pigs.


To be completely honest, we have not had a decent ninja game since the PlayStation 2 era, and it all began with Tenchu on PS One. Tenchu had it all, from climbing buildings to sniping enemies from afar with a shuriken.

When it came to Tenchu’s close combat, the game had it nailed down, as the block and counter system was something that we had never experience before.

Sure most of the time, we just spent the entire game running around and being all agile – but that was half the fun. There was nothing like grappling up a building, and running from across rooftops like Spider Man.

Silent Hill

I know this is a long shot, given the series’ past endeavors, but this is my dream list, so I want Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 on PS4 in all glorious fog and indirect illumination glory.

With the tech these days, imagine exploring that darn school with a torch and an axe, ready to take on all those little kids who want to eat your soul.

I say the game would make one kickass remaster, and seeing as we are not getting our dream Silent Hill titles, this has to happen.

What classic games would you like to see re-released on PS4? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Classic PlayStation games that would make great PS4 releases

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