Chinese developer invests $2 million in ridiculous Overwatch rip-off

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A Chinese mobile game developer is currently working on a blatant Overwatch rip-off, titled Legend of Titan.

The mobile game features an almost identical array of characters, user-interface and game play mechanics as Blizzard’s hero shooter.

The developer denied accusations that Legend of Titan was an Overwatch rip-off and issued the following statement regarding the accusations:

Legend of Titan is a free to play game, which means it will have essential differences in game plays, game modes and contents when compared with Overwatch.

The only similarity we have with Overwatch probably lies in the fact that our products all blend in FPS + MOBA elements.”

The developer also announced plans to continue investing in the project, stating that it will invest another $2 million in Legend of Titan.

Despite the striking similarity between the two games, even the title of the conveniently-named “Legend of Titan” is connected to Overwatch, as Overwatch was inspired by and built by the development team behind Blizzard’s failed MMORPG, Project Titan.

Check out the trailer for Legend of Titan below to spot the similarities:

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Chinese developer invests $2 million in ridiculous Overwatch rip-off

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