Sony files mysterious patent – possibly for PC Dualshock Controller

Sony has requested the certification of a patent for a “wireless adapter” reports DualShockers.

The reason this new adapter is shrouded in mystery is because the patent pertains to a Bluetooth adapter that draws power from a 5V source and USB connector – specifications an official DualShock 4 controller wouldn’t use as it already has full Bluetooth support.

Eurogamer believes the most likely use for the adapter can be “extrapolated from the “Z” at the beginning of the second part of the code”.

“The letter is normally associated with controllers. The CUH-ZWA1U could be a proprietary dongle to connect a DualShock 4 to other devices like PCs, ensuring full compatibility for games and the recently released remote play”.

This could mean we see official DualShock 4 support for PC games in the future.

The patent is currently confidential until January 2017, so expect an announcement from Sony as to the secretive adapter before the end of the year.

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Sony files mysterious patent – possibly for PC Dualshock Controller

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