This is Overwatch’s new hero

Blizzard has revealed its 22nd Overwatch hero, Ana Amari, reports Eurogamer.

Ana plays the role of “support-sniper” meaning she can offer long-range support for her allies from anywhere on the map.

Her shots can either heal friendly heroes or “tag” enemies, slowly draining their life-bar.

Her special ability can put enemies to sleep (essentially a stun-lock) and throw a biotic grenade that can both hurt and heal.

How does she fit into the game’s story? Well, she’s Pharah’s mother, for a start.

Ana Amari was a founding member of Overwatch and as we discover in her origin trailer, she was shot by Widowmaker, before allowing the world to believe she was dead.

Ana is currently playable on the Overwatch Public Test Realm and should be officially released in the near future.

You can check out Ana Amari in the videos below:

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This is Overwatch’s new hero

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