You don’t need PlayStation Plus to play No Man’s Sky online

No Man's Sky - Gazing into No Man's Land

The release date for Hello Games’ massive space-survival game is drawing ever nearer, and it looks like No Man’s Sky is ready to launch, despite previous legal worries.

While the game does not contain traditional multiplayer, it does require online interaction in order for certain gameplay mechanics to function properly.

Luckily for PlayStation 4 owners, Sony has confirmed that you will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription to play No Man’s Sky.

This means that console gamers can enjoy both the online and offline aspects of No Man’s Sky at no extra cost.

This also makes No Man’s Sky the first non-free to play game that does not require PlayStation Plus for online play, as the service has been a required feature for online gaming since the launch of the console, GameRant reports.

No Man’s Sky is set to launch for PC and PlayStation 4 on 9 August 2016.

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You don’t need PlayStation Plus to play No Man’s Sky online

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