Will PS4 Pro gamers have an advantage in multiplayer games?

One of the biggest selling point of the PS4 Pro is its backwards compatibility with all other PS4 games and hardware.

This means you can continue to play games with your friends even if they choose not to upgrade.

But won’t playing at greater resolutions and/or greater framerates give you a competitive edge over those playing on normal PS4 consoles?

This issue was addressed in a Tweet by Videogamer’s David Scammell, which stated that Multiplayer games will run at the same framerate across PS4 Pro and standard PS4.

This is interesting for two reasons, Firstly, it means that Sony had the foresight to recognise this as a problem and have likely have put quite a lot of thought into other cross-platform issues.

Secondly it means that if you are primarily purchasing a PS4 Pro to play multiplayer games at higher framerates, the console suddenly became a whole lot less enticing.

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Will PS4 Pro gamers have an advantage in multiplayer games?

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