Here’s why the PS4 Pro suddenly became a lot more interesting

The folks at Digital Foundry recently got some hands-on time with the PS4 Pro and discovered something rather interesting.

There are a number of technically-impressive features inside the PS4 Pro that make it a lot more powerful than it originally seemed.

Firstly, the console allows for double-throughput.

The exact extent of the PS4 Pro’s new instructions isn’t known at this point, but based on Digital Foundry’s findings, the PS4 Pro can complete two 16-bit FLOPS in the time taken to complete one FLOP on the standard PS4.

With the hand-on game they were playing, Mantis Burn Racing, they managed to quadruple the game’s resolution over the standard PS4 version, while the PS4 Pro only sports a GPU that has 2.3 times the compute power of the base PS4, and only 25% more memory bandwidth.

In short, there’s more to PS4 Pro’s enhancements than teraflop comparisons suggest – and we understand that there are more ‘secret sauce’ features still to be revealed. At the PlayStation Meeting, Sony staff told me that the enhancements made to the core hardware go beyond the checkerboard upscaling technology, and the new instructions certainly support Mark Cerny’s assertion that the PS4 Pro possesses graphics features not found in AMD’s current Polaris line of GPUs. Interesting stuff, and we look forward to learning more.

This is quite exciting news, not only because the PS4 Pro is suddenly a much more impressive console, but it looks like Sony is finally testing out its engineering legs again.

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Here’s why the PS4 Pro suddenly became a lot more interesting

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