New Spider-Man video game details revealed in developer video

Spiderman PS4 screenshot

If you’ve recently watched Spider-Man: Homecoming, fallen in love (again) with everyone’s favourite webhead, and been itching for a new Spidey game, Insomniac Games (the team behind Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive) are working on a brand new Spider-Man game, and it looks incredible.

The game was officially revealed last year, and while we had a closer-look at the gameplay at E3, not too much is known about the title. Now, the developers have released a new video giving us an inside look at the game. With the game’s lead writer, creative director, and art director all taking the opportunity to share more about the setting, gameplay and the combat.

In addition to featuring storylines inspired from the comic-books rather than retreading them, the devs also highlight that the game will focus on the duality of Spider-Man’s life – trying to manage his personal life as Peter Parker and being the superhero that New York needs.

Spider-Man is scheduled to launch in 2018 on PS4. Details about whether its a timed-exclusive or not are yet to be revealed.

Check out the video below:

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New Spider-Man video game details revealed in developer video

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