PlayStation 4 System Software 5.00 beta now available

The beta of System Software 5.00 for the PlayStation 4, codenamed Nobunaga, has launched.

Those selected to participate in the beta will receive an email with information on how to install it.

Sony said the update introduces an overhaul of the sub-account system called Family on PSN, easier ways to manage friends, and new features for Broadcast, Notifications, and Messages.

  • Family on PSN – Promote a user as a parent/guardian, and set individual parental controls for individual accounts on the console.
  • Custom friend lists – The Favorite Groups tab is replaced with a Custom Lists tab within friends.
  • Broadcast – Show a message to spectators and view their comments while using a PlayStation VR. The PS4 Pro supports 1080p streaming at 60fps to Twitch.
  • Notifications – Disable pop-up notifications while watching a movie or series. Turn off message previews in pop-up notifications.

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PlayStation 4 System Software 5.00 beta now available

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